Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch Laptop Review

Samsung series 5 ultra touch is the first windows 8 ultrabook laptop. It’s a wonderful laptop, which is the first one specifically designed for Microsoft’s new operating system i.e. Windows 8. The laptop isn’t as aerodynamic as the series 9’s laptops, but, it’s not more less then it. It has an aluminum and fiberglass exterior and is really thin only 16 mm !

Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch Laptop Review

The screen is 13.3 inched with 1366 x 768 resolutions. The screen and the bezel of the laptop has nearly border between, them which is same as any windows certified laptop. The edge-swipe gestures are really easy to carry out on this ten-point capacitive touch screen. The display is of the laptop is bright and clear, the screen that doesn’t gets faded with continuous working most of the laptop’s screen are found in good working even after hours of working on it.


The black Island keyboard of this fantastic one, nice on fingers provides perfect grip to the people typing on this keyboard. The keyboard unlike screen isn’t border-less. For long hours of typing, the keyboard is perfect as it doesn’t makes the fingers feel tired and enables long hours of work on the laptop.


The Samsung series powered by a powerful CPU of Intel Core i7-3517U dual-core. Furthermore, it also consists of 1600 MB DDR-III ram with 500 GB of storage available. So, the laptop could be said as a mighty treasure box in terms of storage. According to a leading website the PC world, series 5’s CPU outperformed other CPU by some margin:

“The Series 5 outperformed its Core i5-based counterparts in most CPU-based benchmarks, which we expected. However, in long-running benchmarks that make heavy use of both processor cores, such as PCMark 7’s Computation test and Cinebench R11, performance was disappointing. In fact, in Cinebench, it was the lowest we’ve seen from any current-generation Intel Core CPU.”

The overheating of the laptop is being nullified by an extra external fan for keeping the processor cool and long lasting. Previously, the overheating of the laptop made a negative impact on the overall performance of the laptop but now this issue has been fixed in new generation’s this series 5 laptop.

The battery time of the laptop is over 4 hours which is really good for any laptop which requires continues working. So, all and all this particular has been one of the success stories from the home of Samsung, though, it’s portability is still a question mark. But, it also depends upon the person who is using it regarding how he uses it signifies the life time of the laptop. The price of the laptop is around $1699 involving GST.

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