Saudi Arabian Defense Ministry Mail System Breached, Secret Emails Leaked by Syrian Electronic Army

Hackers from Syrian Electronic Army known for their hardcore support for Syrian President Bashar Ul Assad have claimed to have breached the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Defense Email system and as a result number of secret emails correspondence have been leaked online.

For now the hackers have released an image taken from the email correspondence between a Saudi and British defense officials, discussing an arm deal.

Here is the screenshot of that email conversation:


The breach was announced by the hackers on their official Twitter account, claiming the responsibility of accessing the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Defense Mail System.


While talking with one of the hacker from Syrian Electronic Army, I was told that they have downloaded number of documents from Saudi Defence Ministry Server including correspondence, telegrams and secret weaponry contracts belonging to the Saudi Ministry of Defense and the General Organization for Military Industries.

Stay tuned, I will be updating readers with more on the breach.

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