Category: Malware

  • Bangkok Police Arrests Ukrainian Hacker Planning ATM Malware Attack

    Bangkok police have detained an east European man Oleksandr Krachkovskyi who was carrying fake credit cards and the department is citing it as a great victory since they have managed to thwart a bank ATM oriented malware attack. The 31-year-old Ukrainian passport holder Krachkovskyi was caught on Wednesday from a shopping mall situated in Pratunam […]

  • Researchers Discover Yet Another Malware Designed to Compromise Mac Devices

    Bitdefender, renowned IT security/antivirus firm, has identified that the latest strain of Xagent for Mac is being used as a backdoor for intruders. After the malware is installed via Komplex downloader, it looks for a debugger’s presence and if it isn’t found it waits for network connection to be enabled to contact its C&C servers. The attackers then activate […]

  • Someone DDoSed A University Server By Hacking Its Vending Machines

    It is a fact that Internet of Things (IoT) devices are extremely vulnerable to exploitation from malicious threat actors, thanks to the phenomena of default login credentials and widespread availability that makes them easy targets. We have also come to know about the capabilities of even a smaller number of infected IoT devices as they […]

  • The Rise of Fileless Malware: Over 100 Telecoms, Banks, Gov’t Orgs Under Attack

    Researchers have issued a warning that hackers are resorting to the use of file-less malware programs to gain stealth access to the systems of organizations. This new form of attack is not only severe regarding its consequences but also represents a new threat, given its growing level of popularity. Here are details about this new […]

  • Android Banking Trojan Marcher Infects Devices to Steal Payment Cards

    Cyber-security researchers at Securify, a Dutch security firm, have been evaluating the Marcher Android banking Trojan for the past six months. They have come to the conclusion that Marcher has been there since 2013 and its attacking tactics have been evolving since then. Until now, the Trojan has managed to infect thousands of Android devices […]

  • After Linux; Mirai Botnet is Available for Windows

    Antivirus firms Dr.Web’s researchers have identified a new variant of Mirai bot, the infamous IoT malware. This new variant is capable of targeting Windows systems and can take on more ports than its Linux version. Dr.Web researchers have dubbed the new version as Trojan.Mirai.1. Mirai’s Windows version is in use by cybercriminals for infecting Internet […]

  • Mac malware from Iran targeting US defense industry, human rights activist

    There was a time when users believed that Mac machines are safe to be used since Apple’s security features are second to none in the market. However, the notion is about to change. According to the analysis of two security researchers Claudio Guarnieri and Collin Anderson, there is a Mac-based malware dubbed as MacDownloader that […]

  • Two Arrested in UK for Hacking DC CCTV Cameras Before Trump Inauguration

    On 12th January 70% of CCTV cameras in Washington DC were hacked with ransomware, that was just eight days before President Trump’s inauguration on 20th January. Now, authorities in London, UK have arrested two hackers on suspicion of hacking those CCTV cameras. The arrest took place on 20th January but the news about their detention […]

  • New security flaws can turn Netgear Routers into army of botnets

    Trustwave researchers have identified flaws in 31 Netgear router models, which may lead to hackers gaining full control of devices. Using these security flaws, any attacker can fully bypass the password on Netgear routers, modify the configuration, create an army of botnets by infecting multiple routers and develop entirely new firmware. The new vulnerabilities were identified […]

  • New malware stealing login data, bitcoin from cryptocurrency wallets

    Cyren, an Internet security firm, has discovered a new malware that can steal bitcoin and passwords from cryptocurrency wallets on computers. The company wrote on its blog that the malware is primarily targeting banking customers and the campaign is quite huge. The US and Singapore-based users are mainly targeted with this campaign. The malware is […]

  • Cocker Hill’s PD held to ransom by hackers; crucial digital evidence lost

    Cocker Hill’s Police Department has revealed that its server was infected with ransomware and therefore, the department had to lose digital evidence from the past few years. Cocker Hill is a small community situated in southwest Dallas, Texas. As per the reports, the Police department of Cocker Hill lost digital data from as far as […]

  • Fake Netflix, WhatsApp, Facebook Android Apps Contain SpyNote RAT

    Cyber criminals prefer targeting Android devices due to its open-source model which means the source code is freely available for anyone to see and use. Lately, there has been an increase in third party apps for Android users but these apps come with a hefty price. Recently, the IT Security researchers at Zscaler identified some fake […]

  • 70% of DC Police CCTV cameras were hacked before presidential inauguration

    According to the Secret Service officials and Washington D.C city administration, just eight days before presidential inauguration took place, that is, on 12th January, unidentified hackers managed to compromise almost 70% of the police surveillance CCTV cameras across the city with ransomware. This indicated that hackers wanted to ask for ransom instead of gaining access […]

  • Hackers Infect Hotel Door Lock System with Ransomware

    Romantik Seehotel Jaegerwirt is a 4-star, 111-year-old hotel situated in the Austrian Alps. It is a very famous hotel and a sought-after one where tourists willingly pay around $300 per night. However, recently the guests staying at the hotel had to go through quite a lot of trouble as they couldn’t enter their rooms at all […]

  • Linux devices with standard settings infected by Linux.Proxy.10 malware

    Linux operating system was once known to be the most secure OS in the world, but things have changed since security researchers have found malware like Mirai and Bashlite infecting Linux-devices turning them into DDoS botnets. Now, another malware has been discovered targeting Linux. Dubbed Linux.Proxy.10 by researchers at Dr. Web; the malware has been developed […]

  • 38% of Android VPN Apps on Google Play Store Plagued with Malware

    Downloading an application means that you are allowing the software open access to your mobile phone and all the data that is stored on it. Many a time, these applications are used for spying purposes by an individual or state-sponsored group of hackers. The criticism received by ZTE and Huawei for collecting and sending data to China shows how these […]

  • Malicious “Charger Ransomware” App Discovered on Google Play Store

    CheckPoint, a renowned security firm, has discovered that at least one app on Google Play Store is infected with Charger Malware. Charger malware is technically ransomware because the app managed to steal contacts and messages/SMS data from the infected device and then gains admin permissions to lock the device so that victim cannot use it. […]

  • HummingWhale Malware infected Android Apps Downloaded Millions of Times

    CheckPoint security firm has detected a presence of the notorious HummingWhale malware in 20 Android apps, which are quite commonly used by Android users since these have been downloaded millions of times (approx. 2 to 12 million). According to the analysis of CheckPoint, back in 2016, there was a version of HummingWhale malware called HummingBad that […]

  • Shamoon malware revisiting Saudi Arabia; cyberinfrastructure on high alert

    The dreaded Shamoon malware is back to haunt Saudi Arabia; therefore, the government has wasted no time in issuing a warning alert to a number of organizations. This time Shamoon’s new variant Shamoon 2 has been identified to be circulating and affecting Saudi organizations, according to CrowdStrike, an American cybersecurity technology company. Adam Meyers, CrowdStrike VP, […]