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  • FBI Kills Kelihos Botnet after Russian Hacker Arrested in Spain

    Earlier this week, Spanish authorities arrested a Russian hacker and “one of the world’s most notorious criminal spammers,” Peter Yuryevich Levashov (Severa) in Spain. Now, the Feds are working on dismantling Kelihos botnet used by Severa to conduct his large-scale cyber crimes. According to a press release from Department of Justice, an extensive effort to disrupt and dismantle the Kelihos […]

  • This Ransomware tells users to play a popular Japanese game – That’s all

    You might have heard countless tales of hackers using malicious ransomware forcing users to pay huge amounts of money but not today. Today, we bring you a unique kind of ransomware which forces its victims to make a high score of at least 200 million points in popular Japanese video game TH12. According to Malware […]

  • Hackers are Exploiting New Microsoft Office Vulnerability to Drop Malware

    Researchers have detected a new zero-day bug which uses a previously unknown flaw in Microsoft Word. The bug allows attackers to send malicious document files to users and hackers have started sending out emails with fake Word documents which when downloaded and opened, start working in the background on downloading different kinds of malware and therefore spread […]

  • Forget Mirai, IoT Devices are being Destroyed by Brickerbot Attacks

    A new wave of cyber attacks was discovered by researchers, and this time, the targets are badly secured routers and other Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. In these attacks, hacked bots are scanning the Internet in search of Linux-based routers and similar devices that aren’t properly protected. Every device that can be connected to the Internet comes […]

  • Fake News Site Targeting Android, Windows Users with Malware Scam

    A group of hackers is performing highly sophisticated cyber-attacks against high-profile organizations of Middle East – Cyber security firms Palo Alto Networks and ClearSky conducted a joint research on these attacks and found that the hackers were using several techniques on both Android and Windows operating systems used by officials at these organizations. Research conducted by […]

  • Android Version of Sophisticated Pegasus Spyware Discovered

    Pegasus is a smartphone spyware developed by the Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group; it is believed to be one of the most dangerous spyware that has been developed so far. It was found attacking iPhone devices in August 2016. Pegasus uses three iOS system’s zero-day vulnerabilities, which at that time were not identified. Now, Google and […]

  • Skype Users Hit By Fake Flash Player Download Malware Scam

    A few days ago Skype users noticed that the instant messaging service served a malicious malware masquerading as fake Flash player update. Several users reported this incident on Twitter and Reddit and explained that they noticed an ad which was prompting them to download a malicious file disguised as “Flash player.” Wow not bad, got this in […]

  • New Android ransomware proves why antivirus software are a joke

    A new ransomware app has been spotted in the wild, which could easily bypass your mobile anti-virus allowing the app to lock your device. As per reports, the app is currently targeting Russian users, and so far hundreds of Android users have been victimized. Cyber-security firm Zscaler first spotted the vicious code in the app […]

  • Data-Stealing Malware ‘Dimnie’ Targeting Developers on Github

    A new series of malware attacks has occurred, and this time, the targets are the owners of Github repositories. Developers who own these repositories were a target of phishing emails that contained a malware capable of stealing data through keyloggers and modules that take screenshots. In January 2017, several of the developers at GitHub received […]

  • Apple issues iPhone software update after fake police ransomware scam

    The Apple Inc issued a quick iPhone software update to iOS (10.3) yesterday when its customers reported a series of ransomware attacks targeting Safari browser. It all started last month when iPhone users were targeted with a ransomware note accusing them of watching x-rated and pirated content. Furthermore, the cyber criminals claimed that it will be […]

  • Here’s What a Samsung Galaxy S7 Hacked with Ransomware Looks Like

    A couple of months ago we reported about an Android-based LG Smart TV had its screen bricked after a critical ransomware infection. Now, a series of similar attacks is taking place against Samsung Galaxy S7 devices, in which hackers are infecting Galaxy S7 models with malware, locking out screens and demanding ransom payments. These attacks are currently raising […]

  • Online stores under attack; a new fraudster bot spotted in the wild

    Hackers have designed a new bot named Giftghostbot which is being used to defraud thousands of gift card owners. As per reports, these attacks were first spotted by the cyber security firm, Distil Networks on February 26th, and since then almost 1000 websites have been the victim of this hack. The criminals are using this bot […]

  • 13 Infected Android Apps on Google Play Phishing Instagram Accounts

    Lately, credential stealing campaigns and Instagram go hand in hand as we have seen so many credential stealers targeting social networking app users. These campaigns circulate on Google Play in the form of tools designed to increase the number of followers on Instagram. Recently, 13 malicious apps were identified to be uploaded on Google Play […]

  • Beware; 36 Android Devices Shipped with Preinstalled Malware

    Android devices have remained the center of attraction for malicious cyber criminals since forever. Not only do they churn out fake, infected apps one after another but also devise ways to exploit Android devices. The reason is quite evident; since Android devices are among the most commonly preferred mobile phone choices, therefore, cyber-criminals attack them […]

  • Maybe Microwaves can be hacked but turn them into cameras? Nah

    In her recent interview with Bergen Record columnist Mike Kelly, the Counselor to the President for Donald Trump Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway stated that there was an article talking about how we can all be spied upon by “microwaves that turn into cameras.” She went on to explain that it is “just a fact of modern life.” Q: Do […]

  • Latest Google Chrome Scam Aims At Stealing Credit Card Data

    Google’s Chrome browser has remained the apple of every hacker’s eyes for more than one reasons, the most important being that it is very commonly used. Therefore, the more visitors on Chrome, the higher will be the number of victims of these hacking and scam campaigns. This is why every other week we notice a […]

  • Wikileaks Vault 7: CIA hacked Smart TVs, Phones, Trucks and Computers

    Wikileaks, the famed whistleblowing platform, recently revealed a lot to the public. Titled Vault 7, Part 1, the documents show a grim view of government surveillance as we know it. Among the disturbing pieces of information was that of the CIA’s efforts to breach the security of Apple’s iPads and iPhones. The Central Intelligence Service […]

  • Meet StoneDrill Malware Destroying Everything on Infected Computers

    The IT security researchers at Kaspersky Labs have discovered a new malware targeting oil and gas companies in the Middle East and also aiming towards targets in Europe. Dubbed StoneDrill by researchers, the malware can evade antivirus detection and destroy everything on an infected device. Kaspersky Labs discovered that StoneDrill is being used in attacks […]

  • South Korean Retail Giant Lotte’s Website Hacked After US Military Deal

    Lotte Group is a multinational corporation having footprints across Asia, Europe and North America. It has headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. Apart from Japan, China is its second major market. Lotte Group started its business operations in China in 1994, and since then it has earned an excellent reputation and following from the Chinese consumers. […]