How to secure your cyber infrastructure from threats like ransomware?

The Internet is a great place to do business and cybercriminals are aware of that fact so how can you protect your networks, systems and communications from cyber threats like ransomware? Let’s talk about that!

Symantec’s newest threat report claims that email phishing scams have substantially declined in the last three years, but incidences where crypto-ransomware was used to encrypt data and demand payment in exchange to unlock it has increased by 35% in 2015 alone. This means, instead of phish attacks, users must now fear their data being stolen by malicious actors, resulting in them having to pay a hefty sum of cash or digital currency to get the unlocking key so that they may gain access to their information.

The most dangerous malicious software targeting devices these days are Locky and Cryptolocker ransomware. While users are looking to be rescued, the FBI is urging victims to pay the ransom and get their files back, but the question is how much will you pay and what if you still can’t retrieve your files? An example of this scenario is ProtonMail who paid 15 bitcoins which in conversion to USD is about $6000. However, even after the payment was made the criminals didn’t hold up the DDoS attacks on company’s servers.

There are tools developed to protect your inbox from malware, trojan, spyware, spam and phishing attacks. The tool’s anti-spam filter keeps the spoofed emails away from your inbox. That’s not all, this tool has an additional language detection plugin, which has been developed with the latest technology, that checks and blocks spam email coming in other languages.

Another eye-catching feature of this tool is its virus protection. The solution is equipped with VIPRE and BitDefender antivirus engines, however, if users are looking for extra protection they can also take advantage of additional Avira, McAfee, and Kaspersky anti-virus security engines.

The more famous the business, the more vulnerable it is to cyber threats. However, solutions like GFI WebMonitor can be handy as it’s been developed for those who wish to secure the presence of their business on the Internet. If you are dealing with a business that has an online presence (both large and small scale) you are vulnerable to all kinds of cyber attacks. You have to keep an eye on threats. GFI Webmonitor offers a variety of services including management of Internet usage, protection of the business network from cyber attacks, keeping the online and downloading activities secure.

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