Security Lines Get Short on Cincinnati Airport as Travelers’ Phones are Tracked

Travelers’ phone tracking strategy minimize Cincinnati airport’s Security line by one-third.

We all know how miserable airport security processes are for the travelers but the good news is that airports have also figured out this aspect. Now airports are trying to devise ways through which security line wait duration can be reduced.

Blip Systems has introduced a unique travelers’ phone tracking system for airports that locates devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The system collects the MAC (unique identifier) address of each device and utilizes the information for determining the strength of people present in that particular area.


Wonderful Results of the Tracking System:

The system was installed at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport in summer and this made it United States’ first airport to do so.

According to airport authorities, after implementing the travelers’ phone tracking system the average wait time in their security line has dropped to one-third from 13.2min to 8.9min. The system estimates the traffic on each line. It also allows the airport security officials to display the wait duration in each of the security lines to the passengers and lets the authorities adjust to its resources for quick response to demand, reports The Verge.

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However, there are certain security concerns that arise by tracking devices like that. The system only displays information about the presence of devices and theoretically, that is not enough.

As per Blip Systems, the tracker anonymizes the data and since everyone goes through airport security therefore, the system does not breach any bastion of privacy.

Purdue University made the calculations to determine the reduction in airport wait timing by taking preliminary measurements in 2011 by utilizing proof-of-concept tracking tech. Later, it utilized Blip Systems’ measurements for determining the newest calculations during the same period in 2014.

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However, internationally there are numerous airports that already have installed tracking system. Bloomberg reported in an article published last June that at least 20 airports including Dubai, Amsterdam and Toronto have installed the system. It also noted that Blip Systems wish that its trackers be used to determine the number of people present at different restaurants and stores at the airport. The system can potentially track every movement around a particular terminal.

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