Revolutionary Tech from MIT Researchers: Skin Cream Remove Wrinkles Instantly

This Miraculous Skin Cream can Remove Wrinkles Instantly

Reducing wrinkles and preventing the signs of aging from affecting our youthful appearance and self-confidence is everyone’s dream. In fact, almost 99% cosmetic firms around the globe strive to introduce the best possible wrinkle removal cream and treatment options to get the attention of larger chunk of consumers. However, we do know that until now, no particular cream or lotion has managed to perform the miracle of removing wrinkles for good.

Technology is amazing and brains behind the technology are mind-blowing.

Not anymore. The wait for the perfect cream is finally over and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard researchers are responsible for developing a cream that can potentially reduce signs of aging. It is being promoted as the genuine facelift cream. According to the research team, this cream produces an additional layer of artificial skin, which remains invisible and smooth to touch and gives away a naturally flawless, wrinkle-free look of the skin.


The wearer of this artificial skin doesn’t feel anything unnatural at all because it attaches to the natural skin immaculately. The product has been produced by a privately owned biotech firm called Living Proof. The layer that gets created is called XPL (cross-linked polymer layer), reports Applying this cream is a two-step procedure; the first step is to create a layer that is made up of polysiloxane components and the second layer is actually a platinum catalyst that links the polymers of the first layer to firmly glue with it and create a strong layer that doesn’t get affected or damaged even if washed or pinched. This second layer is so strong that it can withstand all kinds of wear and tear for maximum 24 hours duration.

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The benefits of this artificial skin aren’t only limited to diminishing wrinkles because it can deliver medications safely for up to 24 hours and protect the skin from wounds. The XPL material is great for reducing moisture loss and it can also tighten skin and make one appear younger. Another great aspect is that unlike natural human skin, which can be stretched to around 180%, this artificial skin layer can be stretched to 250% without getting sagged or damaged. With age, natural skin loses its elasticity and therefore, signs of aging start appearing such as eye bags are formed and skin becomes loose. However, this XPL skin can be compressed over areas where the skin has become loose and even upon eye bags. This will substantially diminish these flaws and make you appear naturally youthful.

As of now it is unclear when this magic potion will become available for consumers and when we will be seeing it on the shelves at our local pharmaceutical shops but it is reported that Living Proof has been developing it in collaboration with Olivo Labs. They will be further testing the cream to refine its impact and ensure perfection.

MIT News

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