How to use Google Search to locate lost Android Smartphone or Tablet

All you need to do is search for your Android device, a mobile phone or tablet on Google – The search engine will instantly track the device’s location and upload its map.

Smartphones or any such electronic device can be misplaced or lost any time and anywhere. We all have faced this issue at one point or another at home, office or in the car.

Usually, we search for our lost mobile phone everywhere to track it down. However, now we can utilize a much easier and quicker method for finding out lost Android smartphone or even tablet, that is, Google search.


On Wednesday, a new feature was unveiled by Google that allows searching for your lost Android cell phone or tablet through through Google search. However, the search engine requires you to meet certain criteria to perform the search. Here is the entire process to be followed for tracking lost device:

1 Firstly, make sure that you have logged in to the same Google account from your computer’s browser that you have been using on your lost phone/tablet

2 Also, make sure that the latest version of Google app is already installed on your phone

3 When this aforementioned criteria is met, type “find my phone” in to the search bar of Google from your computer

4 Google will produce a map pinpointing the exact location where your device currently exists

5 After few seconds, you will be able to see an accurate location on the map along with the exact distance. For instance, the map will tell you that the device can be tracked at 46feet distance.

You might be thinking what if you have lost your phone somewhere inside your home. Well, unfortunately, Google cannot specifically inform you the room in which you can find it. However, it will ring the lost device so that you can track it manually.

In order to locate your device simply click on the Ring icon or link on the displayed map. Immediately your lost device will start ringing at full volume. The ring will continue for up to 5 minutes. When you have found your device, turn off the ringer by turning the power button off.

In case your Android tablet is lost, you can use this feature too. The same process will be followed.

There is another feature to locate lost Android devices. It is called Android Device Manager. It will also track and ring your lost device. If you believe that your device isn’t lost but stolen, you can easily lock it remotely and reset the password. You may even delete the data present on your device.

For iOS devices, there is a dedicated feature for tracking lost or misplaced phones. It is called Find my iPhone. You can use your iCloud account’s Find feature of the Find My iPhone application for locating iPhone, iPad. This feature will locate your lost iOS device and ring it so that you find it easily. You may even erase the entire data present on your iOS device.

Thus, Google’s search is just another new option for tracking down your lost Android device.

If you have any question regarding how to use these apps, feel free to contact us.


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