Snowden’s Advised Encrypted Messaging Service Available For Desktop

In November 2015, the Open Whisper system launched protected voice calling and texting application for Android called “Signal” but soon after the massive appreciation, the company has decided to release a desktop version of this application.

The application was made earlier for Apple users then for Android which is being used by Snowden himself, so obviously it is secure and it has been endorsed by Snowden.

Signal app’s beta version is available on Chrome and allows sending text, photo and video messages in a single as well as group chat. Just like the other apps, and cross-platform services, the user will be able to retrieve his contacts and conversations across all the devices.

However, Open Whisper Systems has not yet launched an iOS link up to the desktop version of the app which means only Android users can link their Signal account from cell phone to desktop and on the contrary, the company must be working on the iOS link up as well but that might take some time.

Image Source: Open Whisper Systems
Image Source: Open Whisper Systems

The downloaders might have to wait for a little to get the Chrome app. Even right now there are 14661 people waiting in the line to download Signals Beta but if you need a secure way of communication, waiting in such line is worth it. The app was available on iOS for some time now and was launched on Android in November. They integrated RedPhone’s service to secure calls.

Screenshot from desktop

The ex-NSA spy Edward Snowden usually advises people to stay away from message apps but during several public talks he recommended using Open Whisper Systems’ applications. In 2014, during an interview with The New Yorker he endorsed using Open Whisper Systems. In another event, Snowden even called the Signal app“very good” to use.

When he was asked which is a good app to use as far as encryption is concerned he suggested Redphone/TextSecure for Android and Signal for iOS.

Signal is not the only secure chat app available for desktop, the Tor has also launched its encrypted messenger for Mac, Linux and Windows.

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