Syrian Higher Commission for Scientific Research Breached, 350+ Accounts Leaked by @Gevolus

The official website of Syrian Higher Commission for Scientific Research was breached and in result more then 350+ login information was leaked by @Gevolus. 

The hacker who is a member of Brazilian Cyber Army, announced the breach on his official Twitter account where breaches from other government domains were also posted.

Syrian-education-hacked The hacker left the dump on Pastebin which contains usernames, emails and encrypted passwords of the commission staff and students. 

However, the hacker was not able to leak any sensitive data that can post a threat to the commission. 

he Higher Commission for Scientific Research (HCSR) was established in 17.08.2005, dealing with all the scientific research and development in the country.

Link of targeted website:

Link of data on Pastebin:


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