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  • Female Hacker Plans To Attack Organizations Using Her Hi-Tech Shoes

    A China-based female hacker who is in her twenties has managed to hide a pen-testing toolkit into her high-heeled plastic 3D printed shoes and has planned to invade large organizations by dodging strict security checks with her sensual looks. Pen-tester and the hacker who uses her Reddit handle by the name of “SexyCyborg” has showcased […]

  • Prehensile, a Sophisticated 3D Printable Prosthetic Hand

    Lately, we have seen some of the most exciting developments in the futuristic manufacturing industry. Irrespective of you being a specialized professional or just a consumer – you have to agree that the rise in the production of 3D printed prosthetic devices took the equipment to some good usage, and all the credit goes to […]

  • Here’s a 3D Printed Remaking of ‘Ear of Hell’ Classic Audio Speakers

    A San Francisco Bay Area based artist and designer Ted Kessler has always yearned to merge art with science. A bachelor in Digital Arts from the University of Oregon, Kessler has rich background in digital imaging, web programming and music. This infatuation basically paved way for the creation of the 3D Ear to Hell, Kessler’s […]

  • Injured Girl Gets 1st-ever 3D Printed Titanium Skull Implant

    Summary: Jessica Cussioli suffered a horrible motorcycle accident and was left without a major portion of her skull. Neurosurgeons rescued her by conducting Brazil’s first-ever 3D-Printed titanium skull transplant. Jessica Cussioli, a 23-year old Brazilian suffered a horrible motorcycle accident and major part of her skull got damaged. Neurosurgeons in Brazil performed the country’s preliminary […]

  • Researchers used “3D Printing” in tests for finding Cure of Type-1 Diabetes

    Apparently, scientists are a step closer to reducing the grave effects of Type-1 Diabetes after discovering a way to implant insulin-creating cells into the pancreas. Previously this method was found to be unsuccessful but is working now as scientists can use a “3D-print” structure for cells protection, according to IOP Publishing. The attempts to implant […]

  • Miracle Miracle! A woman’s kidney tumor cured by 3D printing

    When it’s about performing surgeries on vital organs, today’s advanced imaging techniques such as CT scans, MRIs and ultrasound machinery have made an easy access pass inside patient’s bodies for doctors even before they cut the patient open. This has done wonders for doctors and patients both saving them from unexpected situations. In recent past […]

  • Injured Turtle Gets 1st 3D Printed Titanium Jaw Implant

    A big day in the history of animal prostheses has arrived, Turkey’s medical 3D printing company provided an injured turtle with a prosthetic jaw. The turtle was struck by a boat propeller and broke its jaw and beak. According to the 3D printing industry, the turtle was found half dead and was immediately rushed to […]

  • L’Oreal joins forces with Bioprinting Company to 3D print human skin

    In an attempt to suspend animal testing and upsurge lab-based skin production L’Oreal is going to 3D print human skin — That means no more animals for testing procedures. The French cosmetic giant L’Oreal has already forayed into growing skin samples that replicate human skin features, now they want to fully terminate their animal testing procedures. […]

  • Man 3D prints a wirelessly power-driven desk lamp inspired by Tesla

    It was more like a mission for engineer, David Choi, to 3D print something inspired by Nikola Tesla’s wireless power transmission something brilliant, a work of art. Using his MakerBot Replicator 5th Generation, he originally started off by printing the base of the lamp, with just two indentations for coils, one spiraling out and the […]