Top 5 Mobile Commerce Trends in 2022

Due to its many benefits, mobile commerce has been growing quickly over the last several years. The need for mobile app development and mobile commerce is growing daily. Mobile commerce may provide you with many options to succeed in the internet market if you are an online vendor.

However, there are currently a number of significant m-commerce competitors on the market, so it’s important to remain up to date on these developments if you want to stay ahead of the pack.

What Exactly is M-commerce?

Top 5 Mobile Commerce Trends in 2022

Mobile commerce is the act of buying and selling products and services using portable electronics like smartphones and tablets. Mobile devices with shopping applications, social media channels, and online browsers are used for all commercial transactions.

Ecommerce development solely pertains to smartphones and tablets, to put it more precisely. It is simpler for a user to do mobile shopping thanks to the speed, ease, and creative route of a mobile application.

Additionally, by offering customers the greatest e-commerce app development services, mobile e-commerce apps or websites allow them access. Additionally, it enables consumers to shop and explore from anywhere.

Top 5 Mobile Commerce Trends in 2022

Using Mobile Applications to Shop

According to Google, over the last two years, digital innovation in the retail industry has grown quickly, with the percentage of channel-agnostic shoppers rising from 65% to 73%. Lockdown limitations implemented globally have resulted in a 20% increase in time spent within mobile applications for retail apps. Many businesses then relocated the services their applications provided.

In this technologically evolved world, mobile apps are becoming a far more major part of the channel mix for retailers, so it’s important to understand how they may help you serve your customers in new ways and expand your company. especially at a time of social distance and unpredictability.

Cryptocurrency Payments

In 2024, it is anticipated that the cryptocurrency market would be worth $1.40 billion. Instantaneous digital payments are simplified and extremely secure because of crypto’s enhancements to portability and interoperability with QR codes.

With the help of cryptocurrency payments, firms can easily accept numerous currencies on mobile retail applications throughout the globe in a safe, personalized wallet. When making purchases through a mobile retail app, customers use rapid, secure mobile wallets like Apple Pay or Android Pay.

High Mobile Phone Sales Volumes

In 2022, smartphones and mobile shopping will unquestionably rule the eCommerce industry. Not all surfing is done on mobile websites and applications. Additionally, they are making purchases on their phones. A mobile app often generates sales worth $102 on average, compared to $92 for mobile websites.

iPads and tablets may also be used to access these applications and websites. However, starting in 2019, these gadgets’ sales have been declining. Depending on the device they are using, you may select how to communicate your marketing messaging to them. 

Simple Ordering

Numerous major firms are already working in this area to take advantage of the growing possibility in the m-commerce market as mobile commerce gains popularity. It is essential to provide your consumers with a better user experience and a smooth checkout procedure if you want to remain ahead of the competition.

Modern consumers want simple, fast methods of buying. Every time they wish to make a purchase, forcing your consumers to manually input all of their information may cause them to exit the basket. 

Shopping cart abandonment rates on mobile websites are higher because mobile applications often provide a better checkout experience than mobile websites.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Online consumers may digitally “try on” or “experience” the things they are interested in purchasing with the use of augmented reality, which is an excellent use of technology.

AR dramatically changes how you browse, and as a result, many businesses today, like IKEA, Gucci, and others, heavily rely on Augmented Reality (AR) technology to provide amusement and inspiration. The integration of online and offline shopping experiences is made possible by virtual reality, which improves the buying experience for the consumer.


For the foreseeable future, mobile trends will continue to greatly impact the e-commerce sector. You must maintain a close watch on mobile commerce developments as an owner of an e-commerce shop in order to make the necessary plans.

Making a mobile app for your e-commerce website is the simplest method to stay current with new technology and the times. In 2022, customers will choose to buy in this manner.

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