Top 5 Online Dangers For Kids

Do you know that more than 82% of sex crimes against minors begin online? Yes, that’s right; the internet may be a useful tool, but comes with many dangers hidden in the shadows. For a minor’s inquisitive mind, the internet is a hub of opportunities to be explored which occasionally leads them into different traps that are not healthy for their upbringing and future. However, with technological advancements, there are different solutions that parents can easily adopt. Here are some of the latest online dangers that children are occasionally involved in along with an all-time, one-stop solution in the shape of a monitoring application.

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While many parents are occasionally worried about inappropriate online pop-ups, little do they consider the fact that there are millions of kids in the world that are voluntarily seeking out pornography online. Adult content online seems to strip our kids off of their innocence, hence taking away precious young years of their lives. In the future, these children tend to develop other intimacy problems that are very hard to deal with the especially cause of years of conditioning.


Sexting has spread like a virus in the youth of today. Statistically speaking, over 35% of kids have reported sending out sexts (sexting) to others in their social circle. The idea of taking and sending nudes has been developed through the over objectification of body imagery through the media. This tends to become a form of acceptance ritual which the kid may get involved in to fit into a group. However, little do these kids understand is that body image is not formed through predefined notions about physical ratios and aspects. Currently, there are different campaigns going on online to tarnish the idea of a “perfect body”.


While minors may not be allowed in casinos, doesn’t mean they cannot gamble easily online. And gambling doesn’t specifically only include money but can be over a variety of different things. However, the most common source is online markets through which various applications are usually purchased. This is the hub where e-credit, credit cards or even mobile credit has been used and hence can be used for future gambling endeavors by kids as well.


Backyard bullying has become a thing of the past as with the advent of the internet, kids prefer social media interactions over physical meetings and interactions. Social media is a place where rumors can fly high. Moreover, different profiles may get hacked as well. On the other hand, bullies may target someone and tarnish their image online which would cast a shadow on the kid’s life forever.

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Drug distribution

The drug industry has strangely evolved over the years. Once upon a time, the selling and purchasing of drugs were an activity only limited to the shadows. However, today you will come across many different “special items” being sold through online advertisements. Many code words are used to stay off the radar, however, everyone especially these smart kids knows what they mean and where they can get some easily. Drug distribution has become more enhanced and the industry has become more connected through the internet.


TheOneSpy is one stop shop solution for computer and cell phone monitoring especially when it comes to children. This monitoring application comes with an array of features that will help you protect your kid from different online dangers found on the internet. Not only will you be able to adequately track your kid’s physical location but also keep a close eye on his or her online activities, friends and peers circle, conversations and different interests. Some parents have also acknowledged that monitoring applications have helped them build better relationships with their kids as they are able to better talk and relate to their kids and their day to day problems.

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The concept of monitoring applications may seem shady at first but when it comes to the safety and security of your kid, anything, and everything is acceptable. Working parents especially find it so much easier to stay tuned with their kids’ lives when they are using monitoring applications because it helps them remotely stay in touch with their day to day activities even though they may not be physically present. Usually, the best way to go about is by directly confronting your kid and letting him or her know that you will be monitoring their cell phone and computer usage especially when it comes to internet usage. This way you will not have to worry about any conflicts that may erupt if the kid finds out through other means.

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