Why torrenting on Elon Musk’s Starlink is not a good idea?

Starlink sends piracy warnings to users urging them to avoid downloading any illegal content by using their service. 
Why torrenting on Elon Musk's Starlink is not a good idea?

If you are one of those people who keenly rely on torrenting pirated movies, software, and other content from the dark depths of the web to enjoy, then Starlink is not for you. This broadband is stern about its policies, especially when it comes to the trend of downloading movies and shows from any third-party app.

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Note: We at Hackread.com are strictly against the use or downloading of pirated content.

If not complied with the regulations, you will soon be receiving a warning message or an email to stop it right away, or the company would have to take serious measures. The person could also be held liable for heavy fines by copyright holders. $200 to $150,000 could be a huge burden on the pocket, including the attorney’s fees and court costs. Read on to learn more.

Piracy asserts a negative impact on the industry and may soon become one of the reasons for their downfall. A Star link user inquired if SpaceX has laid any regulation against getting copyrighted content in their directive or not, and the answer is yes. 

Starlink has clearly condemned piracy in its policy and does not support any copyrighted content and downloading using torrents.

Many cases are surfacing on the internet, showing how different internet providers are scamming and indulging in crime. Their policy clearly shows how Starlink is serious about maintaining Starlink’s network quality and keeping the crime rate at bay.

A US-based subscriber, “substrate-97,” shared Starlink’s piracy warning on Reddit, which read that users should avoid downloading any illegal content by using their service. 

It further spreads awareness in the audience of how it could lead to suspension of the service and termination if needed. Not only that but they could also be sued legally by the actual owner of the content. 

The subscriber later shared that he downloaded “CBS show done intentionally to see the reaction of the company.

According to Starlink’s “Acceptable Use Policy, “Violating SpaceX’s or any third party’s copyright, trademark, proprietary, or other intellectual property rights would lead to action”.

Why torrenting on Elon Musk's Starlink is not a good idea?

The anti-piracy warning message also pointed out that Starlink is putting the same effort as any other regular internet service provider does. Even though there are thousands of SpaceX satellites in orbit, the internet service is provided by the ground stations, which run on local fiber networks.

It is not just that the company has laid down a strict anti-piracy policy about torrent and copyright content sharing, but they have gone an extra mile to ensure that it is followed. Starlink has added $10 billion worth of satellite constellations to an already installed 1200 satellites. 

The subscribers have now been receiving direct warnings if, despite the updated policy, they are still torrenting with SpaceX’s satellite broadband service.

According to Section 512 of the “Digital Millennium Copyright Act”, SpaceX has the right to block the account of the subscriber who repeatedly downloads content by illegal means. 

Starlink’s policy states that they highly respect intellectual property rights, and therefore, the users should use the Starlink kit by any means that could lead to infringement under the copyright law.

Alternatives for Torrenting Safely

You must have encountered headlines once in a while about people getting caught on using torrents. It is not as difficult to surf and download content safely as it may seem. Here are a few alternatives for torrenting safely that you can try without any second thought.

1. Using VPN Service

Torrenting without a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a huge mistake. Now without any hassle, you can continue downloading with any popular torrent sites by using a trusted VPN. 

A reliable VPN would help you to hide your identity, which includes the IP address and downloading traffic. By availing of a VPN service, any third party or even your ISP won’t be able to track down your torrent activities.

When choosing your VPN for torrenting, make sure you don’t go for Tor (The Onion Router). Even though it is quite a reliable VPN for staying anonymous and surfing, the site itself discourages its use for torrent file sharing. Tor poses a high threat of leaking your IP address if used for downloading and sharing torrents.

2. Streaming Websites

If not torrenting, streaming your favorite movie, media files, and TV shows can be another option. The internet is flooded with hundreds of options to stream content, but we recommend going for streaming websites as it is safer.

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Unlike torrenting, streaming doesn’t share your IP address with other users downloading the same file. Always remember to go for a trusted streaming site, as your ISP may be able to track your activity.


SpaceX Starlink’s broadband internet service is indeed remarkable. Its strict rules and regulations like enforcing policies that condemn torrenting and downloading content illegally might make them lose some customers in the short term. However, it is worth it to run a company for longer and keep the internet crime rate low.

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