Turk Hack Team Conducting DDoS Attacks on Iran and Russian Websites

Turk Hack Team conducted several cyber attacks on top Iranian and Russian Ministry websites since the beginning of the conflict at the Syrian-Turkish border.

The famous group of Turkish hackers going with the handle of Turk Hack Team or THT has been busy conducting cyber attacks against Russia, Iran and anyone standing against the country’s policies or the prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

THT made a comeback in 2015 when the group shut down Vatican City official website against Pope Francis’ remarks in which he used the word ‘genocide’ to refer to mass killings of Armenians by Turks. However, now the hackers have been targeting Russian website after last month’s incident in which the Turkish air force shot down Russian fighter jet near the Turkish-Syrian border.

Timeline of THT’s cyber attacks against Russia:

On Dec 25TH, 2015 when you were celebrating Christmas the THT attackers were defacing Russian and Iranian websites with messages against President Putin. The hackers claimed to deface 2000+ websites. The message on the sites was expressed in the following text.

Putin, knowingly and willfully planned airplane attack and the citizen on death. This has caused you to be you’re a traitor. Now the citizens of nationalist feelings of the Russian People trick. The Russian people is a people’s dignity and your bragging will be exposed sooner or later of the. When that day comes, the Russian people will cut you out of that seat.

Turkish Hackers Deface Russian Bank Website, Claim To Steal Data

Russian Embassy in Israel Website Hacked- Hackers Post Turkish Flag

On Dec 26TH, 2015 the group conducted its second breach under the banner of operation OpRussia in which personal information of hundreds of Russian citizens was leaked on Pastebin. The leaked contained names, city, phone numbers, emails and their encrypted passwords gathered from several online shopping sites.

The message on the leaked data vowed to carry on conducting cyber attacks on websites of shopping owners and companies.

The attacks will continue. These data were obtained from different Russian sites. Especially the shopping sites and companies.

The third attack was conducted on 2nd January in which the targets were moved from leaking data to DDoS attacks in which the attackers claimed to shut down top Russian and Iranian ministry websites. The targeted Russian ministry sites included Ministry of the Russian Far East Development, Russian Federation Ministry of Construction, The State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM, Russian Federation Ministry of Customs and several others.

For a full list of targeted sites and screenshots of down time follow this link.

The targeted Iranian government websites included Ministry of information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Energy and the official website of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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