Twitter shares data for hacking investigation

A superior court judge inSuffolk, after the incidents of web disruption which includes shutting down of the department’s website releasing the data like the personal email IDs passwords and Emails of Police officers, has sided withBostonpolice in their bid to stalk down the anonymous hackers.

This order was signed Tuesday last (issued days after the Web attacks were made and  “the Anonymous” took the attack’s responsibility), ends a week of legal internal conflict between the American Civil Liberties Union and Daniel Conley the Suffolk District Attorney’s office, which said that “Twitter has handed over the data in question yesterday.” The writ ordered Twitter to give up IP addresses of three users which are known as “Guido Fawkes”, “@OccupyBoston”, “@p0isAn0N” and also the one who between 8th December-13th December used the “#BostonPD” hashtag on Twitter.

Jake Wark is the spokesman of Daniel Conley said “the prosecutors spoke with Twitter to more deeply focus on the requested data”.

He further said “We are not interested in the information of a large number of people who have used those hashtags. This is an investigation into a specific criminal act, and not a political investigation. Once we had some meaningful dialogue with Twitter, a very clear understanding of what was requested was ironed out and that narrowed the field of information that was provided today.”

However the ACLU said the judge’s decision adds to a breach of free speech. “For the commonwealth to seek information about a conversation, not just a specific person, is alarming and again shows the problems with the state’s administrative subpoena statute,”

Chris Ott, the ACLU spokesman said that the ACLU lawyer said “Peter Krupp said Twitter users have a right to speak anonymously against the state without fear of retaliation, saying the subpoena “infringed on our clients’ rights under the First Amendment.”

The prosecutors will not let know exactly this investigation is made upon what crime but only this that it has no concern with the Occupy Boston military camp.

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