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  • FBI Arrests 24 hackers from eight different countries as Part of International Cyber Crime Takedown

    FBI Assistant Director in Charge on Cyber crime branh, along with Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara has announced that the Beuro has arrested 24 hackers from eight different countries around the world.  According to Preet Bharara, ”this was the largest coordinated international law enforcement action in history directed at “carding” crimes—offenses in which the Internet is used to […]

  • Massive Israeli Government Dox by PirateCr3w

    PirateCr3w has leaked massive data on Israel, the leaked data belongs to top Israeli government websites Including Prime Minister Office of Israel, Pro Israel, Israel Science Dept, & Scientology Organization. PirateCr3w posted their Bio on Pastebin  for better understanding of what they are doing and why. According to the group: Hello We are PirateCr3w and here is a little about […]

  • 10 Places You’re Not Allowed to See on Google Maps

    If you think you have seen it all then you are wrong. Google Earth and Google Map for unknown reasons wont allow you to see everything. There are uncountable places and secrets which are kept under darkness by Google Maps. However, we have put up a list of 10 places which are censored by Google […]

  • Zionist Organisation UK & Ireland along with 7 other Israeli websites hacked by Z Company Hacking Crew (ZHC)

    Z Company Hacking Crew known for its hacking in support of Palestine and Kashmir cause has struck again, this time Zhc Miscreant and Zhc Milan Milo from ZHC have hacked 9 important Israeli websites including the official website of  Zionist Organisation UK and Ireland. Other Important domains include an Israeli Dating site,  Jewish Veterans Center, Official website of  Deborah Meidan, Israeli Artist, Israeli […]

  • Israel Defence Forces Hacked by Pak Cyber Pyrates for #opFreedomPalestine

    Israel Defence Forces  website has been hacked and successfully defaced by Pak Cyber Pyrates  from Pakistan. The hack was done for ongoing  OpFreedom Palestine & Kashmir started by PCP this week. PCP then, has hacked Indian porn server and other 400 Indian websites for the same cause. Hackers have also hacked the website of  Mexico Defence. Target:  Mirror: 117532/israeldefenceforces.com […]

  • Twitter shares data for hacking investigation

    A superior court judge inSuffolk, after the incidents of web disruption which includes shutting down of the department’s website releasing the data like the personal email IDs passwords and Emails of Police officers, has sided withBostonpolice in their bid to stalk down the anonymous hackers. This order was signed Tuesday last (issued days after the […]

  • WikiLeaks : Osama was not buried at sea

    As we posted earlier regarding ” Millions of Hacked Stratfor E-mails published by WikiLeaks ” it seems that was just a beginning, as according to leaked secret email files of Stratfor, a US security agency, Osama Bin Ladon was not buried at sea and there was no Islamic ceremony but his body was shifted to the military mortuary in Dover, DE, […]

  • Mozilla Firefox Official Website, Forum and Blog Hacked by Cybersec Hacking Crew

    Official website of Mozilla Firefox Denmark, along with its forum and blog as been hacked by Sbkiller hacker  from Cybersec Hacking Crew. The hacking group is a Malaysian based group. Hckers left following deface massages on all the hacked domains: MOZILLA DENMARK PWNED Sbkiller Was Here!!! Me From Cyb3rs3c Crew” Mess With The Best Die Like The […]

  • New #gifiles regarding #Occupy & #Anonymous released by WikiLeaks

    On Monday February 27th, 2012, WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files, over five million e-mails from the Texas headquartered “global intelligence” company Stratfor. The e-mails date between July 2004 and late December 2011. They reveal the inner workings of a company that fronts as an intelligence publisher, but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations, […]

  • Another Burn The Quran website taken down by ZHC(ZCompany Hacking Crew)

    ZCompany Hacking Crew which previously DDOS’ed http://burn-the-koran.com/ and is still down , now struck another site which is also said to be abusing all sorts of religion including Islam and the Muslim Holy Book Quran . According to what we observed that site was ddos’ed successfully by ZHC and it was showing Service Unavailable or not […]

  • 25 Suspected Anonymous Hackers Arrested by Interpol

    Interpol has announced that  25 suspected Anonymous hackers have been arrested by the the agency from allover South America and Europe. Interpol announced the news in a press conference, that the suspected hackers were arrested from Argentina, Spain, Chile and Colombia. All the suspects were arrested by the law enforcement officers of respective countries as the Interpol […]

  • 146 Israeli emails hacked and posted online by ZHC Mauritania HaCker Team

    ZHC Mauritania HaCker Team has hacked 146 Israeli emails and posted them online for public. All the hacked emails belongs to Israelis and some of them have also accounts on facebook. ZHC Mauritania HaCker Team also hacked Bank of Israel yesterday and leaked credit cards details of Israeli customer. Complete list of hacked emails and passwords […]

  • Bank Of Israel Hacked and Credit Card details leaked by ZHC Mauritania Hacker Team

    “Mauritania Hacker Team which is a part of Z Company Hacking Crew (ZHC) has hacked website of Bank of Israel and leaked tons of credit card details.  Mauritania Hacker ZHC has uploaded all the leak information for public, which can be obtained from http://pastebin.com/TSMdAxtN Mauritania Hacker team has also uploaded a video on youtube proving hack to public, […]

  • Burn-The-Koran.com taken down by ZHC(ZCompany Hacking Crew)

    Reports coming from various groups on Facebook that the site has been DDOS’ED by ZCompany Hacking Crew, the reason behind this is said to be , the site targeted the Holy Book Qur’an and various people are abusing Qur’an on this site, this site is supposed to say that for each click on the site […]

  • Millions of Hacked Stratfor E-mails published by WikiLeaks (Originally hacked by Anonymous)

    WikiLeak has posted over million secret emails and passwords of US-based Intelligence firm Stratfor today; all the emails were gathered from Stratfor’s database. The firm has over 300,000 existing subscribers and has been known for its shadow connections with CIA. According to DailyMail, after the leaking of sensitive emails, the chance of secret information going […]

  • TeaMp0isoN Leaks Tons of Data in Support of OpNigeria

    TeaMp0isoN which leaked over 26,000 Israeli credit cards last month for Free Palestine, has now leaked massive data in support of OpNigeria against the Nigerian government. According to  TeaMp0isoN  “Tonight we’ve got some databases from some influential sites in Nigeria. Contained within are admin passwords as well as tons of other information from these databases.”  “Revolution is the only […]

  • Indian Navy Officers private details leaked by Bangladeshi black hat hackers

    Bangladeshi black hat hackers have leaked private details of an Indian Navy Officers today. BBHH famous for its hacks for on going cyber war between Bangladesh and Indian hackers hacked into a defense server that contained sensitive information and confidential details of defense and armed forces personals. Hackers from BBHH Optïmus Black Burn , BD XTOR, BACK BONE, OJANAKEW have posted the […]

  • Russian election webcams attacked by DDoS attacks

    Hackers have attacked a large network of  web cameras which were installed for monitoring voting in the country’s forthcoming presidential elections. These web cameras were installed by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to publicly monitor the votings. According to Deputy Communications Minister Ilya Massukh “We are launching this site ahead of time in order to understand the nature of the threats. Total 54,000 […]