Uber Hacker Targets Rockstar Games, Leaks Trove of GTA 6 Data

Rockstar Games has acknowledged the breach stating that the company is “extremely disappointed” to have any details of their next game shared with the public in such a way.

In an unexpected twist, the hacker who claimed to have hacked Uber Inc. has targeted Rockstar Game. Resultantly, Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) gameplay videos and source code have been leaked online.

Uber hacker on GTA forums announcing GTA 6 hack and leaking its data (Image: Waqas – Hackread.com)

Incident Details

As seen by Hackread.com, a hacker going by the online handle of “teapotuberhacker” on GTA Forums uploaded a ZIP file listing videos and screenshots of what he termed the alleged first and unreleased footage of GTA 6.

GTA images and videos plus internal software (Image: Waqas – Hackread.com)

The hacker also claimed that he was behind Uber’s cyberattack and posted screenshots of GTA V and GTA 6 source code as proof. It is worth noting that the GTA 6 will be released sometime in 2025.

The hacker further claimed that he has stolen GTA 5 and 6 source code, assets, and GTA 6 testing build and is now trying to extort Rockstar Games instead of leaking more data. The massive GTA 6 leak was also possible through Slack. That’s the same way the hacker targeted Uber.

Leaked Content Analysis

The leaked GTA 6 footage shows a female protagonist. The image could be authentic if the rumor spread by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier in July is to be believed. The source code and videos were first leaked on GTAForums, and the RAR archive contains around ninety (90) stolen videos.

These videos are created by developers while debugging the game’s different features, including NPC tracking, camera angles, and Vice City locations. Some videos also contain voice communication between various NPCs and the protagonist.

Other clips showcase female and male main characters and gameplay taking place in the fictional city.

The female protagonist in GTA 6 everyone talking about

Company’s Response

Rockstar Games has acknowledged the security breach. On Twitter, the gaming giant released a statement sharing its disappointment. However, the company vowed to continue to work on the next GTA 6 as planned.

According to Schreier, he also confirmed from Rockstar that this leak was indeed authentic and the footage is real. On the other hand, the hacker has revealed that Rockstar Games is willing to pay $10,000 for the GTA V source code/assets, whereas the GTA 6 source code is currently not up for sale.

Rockstar Games on Twitter

Since the leaked content has made it to Twitter and YouTube, Rockstar Games’ owner Take 2 Interactive has issued DMCA infringement notices and requested to take the videos offline, which has been facilitated.

But it is too little and too late because the hacker has already started leaking the GTA 6 stolen videos and source code portions on Telegram. Today, the threat actor posted a GTA 6 source file containing 9,500 lines, which seems related to the execution of scripts for in-game actions.

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