United Nations Armenia Website Defaced by Turkey Cyber ​​Army

Turkey cyber Army has hacked Armenia based United Nation website www.un.am and left their deface message on the website.

Mirror of Hacked Website

Deface message in Turk language:

Turkiye & AzerBaycan 

26 Subat 1992
Dunyanin insanlik Disi Katliamina Sessiz Kaldigi Bir Tarihdir
O Tarihde Azeri Musluman Kardeslerimiz Huncarca Katledildi öldürüldü
Turlu turlu iskencelere maruz birakildilar dilim varmiyor suluyemiyorum olanlari tum Dunya Biliyor
Soruyorum Bu Kirli Kanli Tarihi ortbast Eden Avrupa Ulkelerine
Analarin Gozleri onunde oldurulen Mahsum cocuklarin Affedin Beni Dilim Varmiyor Ama
Diri Diri Derileri Yuzulen insanlarin Hamile Kadinlarin Karinlari Desilerek Vahci Katledilmelerin Hesabini Kim Vericek . ?
Fransa Ermenistan israil Hollanda Danimarka isvec Hepiniz Orospu cocugusunuz

Fever   |    Ayazoglu   |    H @ CNS   |    Death_K1nG   |    By3xRooT    |    By Musti  | SLYHacKeR    |   Hacker_infazci   |    SonTuRK   |    SoNHamLe   |    Khaan’Bey   |    Hacked by fever. / MAL4TY4 4TT4CK.   

English translation for better understanding:

Turkey & Azerbaijan , February 26, 1992 Non-Massacre quieted by the world community on a date to that date, Azeri Muslim brothers slain, killed Huncarca slices were exposed to every kind of torture do not throw all the world knows what is suluyemiyorum Bloody History ortbast Eden European countries, I ask this dirty innocent children are killed before their eyes Forgive Motherhood But do not throw me a slice people to be skinned alive Skins Will you deliver pregnant women, who account to murder Vahci Desilerek bellies. ? France, Armenia, Israel, Netherlands Denmark Sweden cocugusunuz all of you bitches them in the account to all of you someday Anyway Vericekler GOD ABOVE.! 

Fever   |    Ayazoglu   |    H @ CNS   |    Death_K1nG   |    By3xRooT    |    By Musti  | SLYHacKeR    |   Hacker_infazci   |    SonTuRK   |    SoNHamLe   |    Khaan’Bey   |    Hacked by fever. / MAL4TY4 4TT4CK.   

United nation has been hit several times before in past few months and it seems as if the United Nations does not really care for its websites neither online privacy. Several times many of its databases were hacked and much of the confidential information was leaked and posted online.

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