US Department of Agriculture Sites Hacked by BedU33N against Anti-Islamic Movie

BedU33N hacker from Bangladesh Cyber Army has hacked into three sub-domains officially owned by the US Department of Agriculture. The hack was done  in protest against the Anti-Islamic Movie.

As we posted earlier, how hackers from Islamic world are furious over the fifteen mintunes YouTube clip insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

Hackers successfully hacked and defaced all the domains, leaving their deface page along with a message. According to the message:

Hacked by BedU33N From Bangladesh Cyber Army

I PROTEST against the disrespect of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)

Sites and Mirrors:

Few days ago, the official websites of Bank of America & New York Exchange  were under attack by unknown Muslim hackers, three days ago three Mexican Government Websites were hacked by a Pakistani hacker and sex days ago, the official website of Brownsburg Schools was hacked and taken down by an Iraqi hacker.

At the time this article was written, the deface page of hackers was taken off, yet the sites were offline.


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