Using Twitter Might Take You to The Hell, says Saudi Cleric

Using-Twitter- Will Take -You -to- Hell,- Says- Saudi- Cleric -2

Religious leaders of Saudi Arabia are showing strange temper towards the fame of Twitter that they are coming up with unbelievable remarks about the social media applications. One of them even went on to make suggestion that people who are using Twitter will have to spend a lifetime or eternity in hell.

According to a report of BBC, a religious police chief of Saudi Arabia name Sheikh Abdul Latif Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh remarked that: 

  • Those people who are using different social media sites and especially Twitter, have lost the world they live in and have also lost their life after death’’.

Using-Twitter- Will Take -You -to- Hell,- Says- Saudi- Cleric

The article stated that the country is experiencing the fastest rate of growth in the number of Twitter users as compared to the rest of the world and this has given rise to different concerns for the country’s rulers because tweeters are dispersing sensitive political information on the global platform.

BBC also told that many other religious leaders of the kingdom have also condemned social media platforms including Twitter and have stressed that it is a sheer threat towards national unity.

Explaining the reasons BBC added:

The recent protests which have been witnessed in the kingdom’s Eastern province have been brought on the platform of twitter through images showing courtroom trials of activists of human rights which are opposing different taboos.

As a response of such tweets, authorities are taking steps that might inhibit or limit Twitter users via linking their accounts on the social media with their national ID numbers.

A large number of activists on the web have also been detained and one has been alleged with a charge of apostasy which might result in a death sentence.

Having said that, one of the billionaires is conscious of the reality that social media carries in this global world. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal remarked that to restrict the use of social media platforms like Twitter is to fight a battle which we will lose.

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