Meet Utopia; a privacy focused decentralized P2P ecosystem

Utopia is one such platform which is also decentralized in line with the latest developments in the technological world.
Meet Utopia; a privacy focused decentralized P2P ecosystem

Are you one of those individuals who believe they don’t need online privacy because there is nothing to hide? That is an argument but protecting your data will help limit the power of advertisers and companies who influence you every day. “Why should I care? What services guarantee web-privacy and how?”. That’s what I will uncover in this review.

Privacy tool – why do I need it?

Several years ago, I didn’t realize it but diving into the question, I got beneficial insight that must be shared worldwide. You should contribute to your privacy for several reasons:

  1. Your activities are tracked: Are ads on real estate in Corfu following you after you Googled “tours to Greece 2019”? That’s how search engines use all the visits and activities online. Sometimes it might be helpful, but I consider its violation of privacy.
  2. You are under surveillance: Governments are using the data on Internet connections for several purposes. In most cases, information is requested from ISPs and IT-companies for investigations, statistics, etc.
  3. Cyber criminals Have you suffered an online-theft? According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), as many as 9 million Americans have had their identities stolen each year. Leakage of personal data leads to the loss of money, hacking accounts, and invasion of privacy.

Amidst this, several platforms have emerged aiming to solve this problem by disclosing minimal user data and adopting greater security measures. Utopia is one such platform which is also decentralized in line with the latest developments in the technological world. Today, we’ve decided to test the Utopia platform and the various features it offers.

How is Utopia helpful?

I came across Utopia ecosystem two months ago; it has been available for the last five years though. What do I like the most about this product?

Self-enclosed Ecosystem: This means that third-parties never use the data you use for communication, how I express my thoughts.

Enhanced encryption: Developers employed sophisticated mechanisms to guarantee web-privacy. Even if you are not a tech geek, you can Google what elliptic curves and unique p2p architecture are. These tools are proven solutions against interception and data leakage.

All-in-one: Utopia is not only a messenger but users can mine cryptocurrency, send emails, design websites, and use maps within one ecosystem. For now, I tested a messenger and created a blog with Utopia after signing as a beta-tester.

Decentralized: Thanks to blockchain technology, anyone can enjoy security online. Decentralization means that my email, text messages, and files are not stored on one server and third-party companies are never involved in the data transmission process.

Anonymous: It was a sigh of relief when I noted that I didn’t need to mention phone number, personal data when registering on Utopia. Each User has a key which never changes and enables p2p communication as the only recipient can decrypt and see the message.

Humane: Utopia is the only Ecosystem of this kind that applies technology to protect online privacy and complete freedom of speech with no censorship. One can feel free for self-expression without being tracked while IP, location, and files are never stored or shared with anyone.

All these checkpoints in combine make Utopia one of the most interesting tools for online privacy.

What are the main features?


When I registered as a new user, the system assigned me with a Key which serves as User’s nickname. Messages that are sent with Utopia messenger known as U-messenger are always encrypted by default, enhanced level of encryption is built on elliptical curves and only the receiver can read your text due to Public Key algorithm.

Messenger is Utopia’s feature which I tested on a daily basis. It also lets users exchange their files instantly. However, what makes the whole process fun are cute stickers. However, its interface is not super elegant but user-friendly and clear.

Meet Utopia; a privacy focused decentralized P2P ecosystem


uMail gives users all the features of ordinary email service but on the advanced security level. The only distinction is that users can send emails only within the Ecosystem, which enables 100% privacy.

As I mentioned, I run a blog on Utopia channel with a small team. We registered work mail on Utopia as well. I particularly enjoy the Template tool. I always use similar layouts for business letters; which makes the whole process faster and easier.

Meet Utopia; a privacy focused decentralized P2P ecosystem


Many messengers don’t encrypt group chats or set particular limitations on the number of participants. Utopia’s channels are an ideal place for secure group conversations, business discussions, a news feed, or creating a blog with several steps.

For my blog, I set up the “read-only” option to share information without possibility to discuss it. I adore the assistance of moderators with channel workflow and participants actions. 

Creating a website

Utopia ecosystem is a place where users can register a website. uNS (nicknames manager) makes the whole process fast and user-friendly. Streaming service or website generated via Utopia is secure and anonymous due to end-to-end encryption. Another positive thing about Utopia is that there is no need to pay for VPN’s, adjust proxy, and clear cookies every time.

Mining bot

Get rewarded for being online – that is what the world was missing since the Internet invention. Utopia pays out every 15 minutes you spend online. Exciting, isn’t it? Say thanks to Mining Bot. Running a Bot letting you get more Cryptons (native internal currency) and upgrading Utopia workflow.

Users are free to use as many bots as they can, the only condition is running a Bot from different devices. It will contribute to a more massive network chain. Remember, that Crypton is an internal ecosystem currency that is transferred securely.

I like that devs designed the page “Interest rate” where balance, rates, and interests are stated.

Meet Utopia; a privacy focused decentralized P2P ecosystem


As soon as you earned Cryptons, you can store and send them within the Ecosystem.

Anonymous transaction records mean that no one else can see the operation besides the sender and recipient. Using Crypton is simple as running usual internet bank (but private). With the help of wallet, you can transfer money between accounts and to other users, produce crypto cards (plastic, vouchers, and many more).

I released my personal Crypto Card picking numbers for it myself for 5 seconds. This card is essential for online secure purchases and payments. You are the only institution who is in control of your money unlikely as paying with Visa or Mastercard. All transfers are tracked in banks.

 Payments with uWallet’s Crypto Cards take place with no need to reveal the Public key.

 To sum up

I hope you understand why you should take care of online privacy, even if you’ve never thought about it. The best privacy tool is always based on blockchain technology and end-to-end encryption. Utopia is an all-in-one solution for every possible action you commit online. Mining tool, messenger, email, and wallet – it’s exciting to find everything I need within one application. Download and try for yourself.

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