Web.com Security Breached, 93,000 Customers Credit Card Data Stolen

Last week, hackers breached into the servers of Web.com group, (a reputable online web services provider) and managed to access and steal the credit card information of about 93,000 customers.

So if you are a Web.com customer then we will suggest you to keep an eye on the fraudulent transactions against your credit card.

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For those who don’t know, Web.com is a Florida based company that provides web services and solutions to small businesses including hosting, domains, social media, e-commerce, online marketing, website building and other relevant services.

They have served more than 3 million customers and have over 30 years of experience in the market. Apart from that, they also have the ownership of two trustworthy online services, Network Solutions and Register.com.

Security experts over at Web.com have taken this data breach very seriously and have set up a dedicated page to provide detailed information as well as to answer frequently asked questions related to the hacking attempt.

So according to the Security FAQ page structured by Web.com, the unauthorized breach of one of their data server was detected on August 13th as a part of their ongoing security monitoring, which resulted in a theft of almost 93,000 customers credit card information including their names and addresses linked with them. None of the other information was breached in the attack.

“Our investigation indicates that the only information that may have been accessed was customer credit card information, which included the name and address attached to these credit cards.”

The security experts promptly responded to the attack, and shut down the access and teamed-up with one of the leading IT security firms for further investigation related to the compromised data. While the notification regarding breach were immediately sent to the credit card processors and relevant higher authorities.

The company has also mentioned that the customers of Network Solutions and Register.com remains protected against the attack. However, if those customers had used their same credit card to purchase Web.com services then their credit card information might have been compromised.

A notification via email as well as a letter has already been dispatched to all the affected customers, which outlines the steps they should take. A letter has been sent through the U.S. Postal Service and the affected customers should receive it within a next few days.

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For all those customers who were affected in this cyber security breach, Web.com is offering one year of free credit monitoring service.

“All affected customers will receive one-year of free credit monitoring to detect possible misuse of their personal information and help protect their identity. Enrollment information was included in the email sent to affected customers and will also be included in the letter that will be sent.”

The company declined to comment about the details of the hackers and intruders, but they said that the officials are “working with a nationally recognized IT security firm to conduct a thorough investigation.

Apart from all that, Web.com has also advised their customers that they should keep a close eye for any unfamiliar or strange transactions against their credit cards that were used for the purchases of Web.com services.

You should keep a close eye for any suspicious or unusual activity on any credit/debit cards that you may have used with Web.com. We advise you to monitor your own credit reports through Equifax, Experian, and/or Transunion.

So in case you have seen any fraudulent transaction then we will recommend you to immediately inform the financial institution that issued you your credit card.

If you have further questions regarding the security breach then head over to this official FAQ page where the company has clearly outlined all the possible questions.

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