Does Wi-Fi Makes People Sick? Probably Yes!

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From using PCs and cell phones to watch online movies and playing games, wireless technology has advanced greatly and made life easier for us — However, Wi-Fi has a serious drawback that it makes people sick.

Wi-Fi signals are different from radio and television signals as these are powerful enough to penetrate concrete walls.

This is why numerous health experts believe Wi-Fi radiation is extremely dangerous for human health (especially kids) and causes long-term health problems.

The process is slow but dangerous and many public health experts are certain that we will possibly face an epidemic of cancers in the near future due to uncontrolled use of cell phones and excessive exposure to Wi-Fi and similar wireless devices.

Reportedly, now people are complaining about unexplained health issues more than ever before and the primary cause is increased use of Wi-Fi.

From using cell phones and computers to watching movies online, wireless technology has certainly made life easier. But there is a serious downside and many claims that exposure to wi-fi is making people sick, and some people don’t even know it.

It is being advised by health experts that we must reduce and limit our and our kids’ exposure to wi-fi radiations. Moreover, the government and industries need to identify ways through which the elevated health risks associated with wireless devices can be curbed.

It is highly important to create awareness among decision-makers that now we won’t accept the conventional “business as usual” approach from them, says Dr. David Carpenter, dean at the School of Public Health, State University of New York. He added that “The importance of this public health issue cannot be underestimated.”

Wi-Fi is relatively recent and that’s why insufficient research has been done on the long-term health risks and serious illnesses caused by wireless radiations. However, countless studies have already been done on the health impacts of excessive use of cell phones and mobile phone masts. According to the findings of these studies, radiations from a mobile phone can cause cancer!

Studies done on the impacts of Wi-Fi on human health revealed that the radiation penetrates the body and affect our cell membranes. This causes cells to lose their functioning ability over time. It also disrupts the body’s natural energy field and causes fatigue, stress and weakens the immune system. It is also a primary factor behind headaches, dizziness, anxiety, concentration problems, and memory loss.

Moreover, it also causes depression, epilepsy, nausea, hyperactivity, ringing ears, seizures, abnormal heart rates, diabetes, infertility, leukemia, birth defects, DNA damage, brain damage, high blood pressure, epilepsy, cancer and fibromyalgia, etc, according to a report.

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