40 Israeli Websites Defaced by Mr.benladen in Support of Gaza

A hacker who goes by the handle of Mr.benladen has hacked and defaced 40 Israeli websites in support of Gaza.

The hacked left his deface page and its deface message on all the hacked websites, displaying the Palestine flag and image of Hamas leader Ahmad Jabari, who was recently killed as a result of an air strike by Israeli Air force.

According to the deface message:

Owned By Oujda – Tech وجدة تيك
( Old Name Mr.benladen )
Moroccan Agent Secret
سوف أكتبها على جبين الدهر عنوانا من لم يعشق فلسطين فليس إنسانا

تبا لكم يابني صهيون ألا تعلمون انه إذا مات ٱخونا  أحمد الجعبري ان هناك ملاين الجعبارين والقسامين قادمون إليكم من بقاع العلم سوف نحرقكم بإدن الله

Will write it on their forehead forever title adores Palestine is not a human being

Damn you son Zion not know if he dies ٱkhona Ahmed Jabari There are millions Aldjabarren and Alksamin coming to you from the corners of the flag will نحرقكم Baden God.

Complete list of hacked websites and their mirrors are available on Zone-h.

Since the Israeli air strike on Gaza, hackers from all over the world have started attacking Israeli cyber world, leaving thousands of Israeli websites hacked.

At the time of writing this article, most of the websites were still hacked and displaying the deface page uploaded by the hacker.


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