Dell France, Ireland, Netherlands and UK Subdomains Hacked

The Kurdish defacer is known for defacing high-profile website with messages against the so-called Islamic State and the Republic of Turkey!

A Kurdish hacker going by the online handle of MuhmadEmad hacked and defaced 4 sub-domain belonging to Dell, the world renowned multinational computer technology company.

MuhmadEmad, who is a well-known voice of Kurdish people was last seen working with Anonymous hackers defacing Etowah County Sheriff’s Office and Turkish government websites with anti-ISIS slogans.

The recent defacement is part of the same campaign against ISIS as it can be clearly seen that the deface page uploaded by the hacktivist shows pro-Kurdish but anti-ISIS and anti-Turkish messages with a waving Kurdish flag in Gif file. Here is the message left by MuhmadEmad.

“Hacked by MuhmadEmad Long Live to Peshmerga, Kurd & Kurdistan, KurdLinux_Team! Death to ISIS + Turkey.”

A full preview of the deface page is available below:

The defacement took place on 11th June 2016 while the targeted domains which belong to France, Ireland, Netherlands and the United Kingdom extensions respectively are actually parked subdomains of Dell’s website and not in use yet the defacement is important as it took place on the high-profile firm like Dell Inc. Links of targeted domain along with their zone-h mirror as a proof of defacement are available here.

At the time of publishing this article, all targeted sites were offline and deface page was removed.

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