5 best cell phone tracker apps for parental control

It feels pretty good too see a child becoming tech-savvy but as a parent, your responsibility is to be in close touch with their cell phone.
5 best cell phone tracker apps for parental control

As of January 2020, there were 3.5 billion smartphone users around the world. While these devices may look small they have a whole world within. From social media accounts to Maps, from business planners to our daily morning alarm there is no shame in accepting the fact that we depend on smartphones more than ever.

But can you imagine a day without your smartphone? What if you have lost it? or worse: you are a single parent looking to keep an eye on your underage child when especially when they are online. You may track the location of their Android device with Google Search or iPhone/iPad with the “Find My iPhone” feature. However, it won’t let you access their activities on their cellphone. 

Therefore, there are several apps out there who not only offer location tracking service but also provide access to your data on the lost device for instance text messages, call logs and photos, etc. However, these apps can also be used illegitimate purposes and at HackRead.com we do not support using tech for malicious purposes.

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Nevertheless, the positive use of these apps includes parents keeping their children safe in real-time, protecting them against blackmailing and online predators, and retrieving data, etc. Let’s dig into five best cell phone tracking apps.

1: KidLogger

KidLogger is a freeware and open-source parental controls for Android, Windows, and Mac. The app allows parents to record keystrokes, keep an eye on what their kids do online such as how long they have been online, what apps they were using, which websites they visited, who were they in touch with as in online chatting, where was their device at a particular time, which photos did the take and what did they write to their friends.

KidLogger’s “Basic” package is free with limited features however you have to spend some money on Standard and Professional packages.

2: iKeyMonitor

It includes features similar to the other applications, but with more basic functions. You can highlight its excellent keylogger (save everything that is typed in the phone) and offers us an online control panel to access all the data of the mobile. It allows you to take screenshots and limit the usage time, ideal for use as parental control.

Just as it has remarkable things, it also has certain cons to take into account before choosing it. It must be considered that all advanced functions necessarily require that the phone be rooted (Android) or jailbroken (iPhone).

3: mSpy

mSpy is an all-in-one parental control app for cell phones. The application is invisible once installed and has very interesting features, such as geofencing, that is, the application will notify you if the cell phone enters or leaves a certain area previously defined by GPS.

In addition, it offers us full access to the features of the device on which it was installed: text messages, call log, contact book, real-time location, access to social networks and much more.

In the case of Android, there is a simple version, without the need to root the device and the advanced version in which the device is required to be rooted. 


The focus of this application is mainly as parental control or to monitor a group of employees. It has a control panel designed to monitor various devices easily. Available in a version without root and with root; as well as without jailbreak and with jailbreak.

Seeing the functionality of this application, the general impression is that its developers designed it so that the user can monitor their company’s devices at the same time. Moreover, its control panel allows you to easily switch between all the devices added to the account.

5: FlexiSPY

Flexispy with advanced options such as Monitoring of all phone calls and messages, social networks, contacts, GPS tracking and more. This app can be used as a form of parental control software, as well as to monitor company cell phones used by employees.

As outstanding features, it offers the possibility of opening the cellphone microphone to listen to everything in ambient mode. In addition, it allows you to listen to live calls from the spied device. Without a doubt, features to take into account. It has a good technical support team, but even so, it is necessary to have a considerable amount of prior knowledge.

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It feels pretty good too see a child becoming tech-savvy but as a parent, your responsibility is to be in close touch with their cell phone. Keeping a constant check of their cell phone is a good and healthy practice.

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