This Aerial Assault Drone Can Hack Computers Inside Walled Compounds

A drone is known for killing people or for its surveillance capabilities, but an aerial assault drone with hacking capabilities? Yes, you read that right!

This Sunday, the collection of hackers got beefed up some more with the emergence of a drone equipped with weapons that could easily crack into your computer networks from a close range. That is, regardless of the fact if they are in walled compounds or skyscrapers, this drone can crack them.

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David Jordan from the US-based firm Aerial Assault showed off the drone at the DefCon hacking conference. This drone can be extremely helpful in missions like hovering outside walls or landing atop high-rises for finding out cracks in computer networks.

While showing this drone at the AFP Jordan stated that “There has never been this capability before.” That’s because this particular drone contains software tools that are used to conduct “penetration testing.

Penetration testing usually is done by computer security experts or hackers while searching for computer networks vulnerabilities.

The Aerial Assault model is different from the drones launched previously by hackers because it scans for networks as well as unsecured wireless connections. Apart from identifying weaknesses of networks this drone records precise GPS data of a target and also sends all the information to its handler, said Jordan.

These drones are up for sale at $2,500 per piece.

At Def Con, hackers got attracted to drones for their capability of sniffing out unsecure wireless internet networks. However, according to Jordan, the capabilities of Aerial Assault drone has heightened the ante with its highly effective automated tools that could surpass and sabotage physical defenses.

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