Anonymous Leaks 1TB of Data from Kenya’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Anonymous leaked confidential documents from the ministry servers against government corruption.

The online hacktivist Anonymous has conducted a sophisticated cyber attack on the government of Kenya by breaching its Foreign ministry server, stealing a trove of data and ending up leaking some of it on the Dark Web. The cyber attack was conducted under the banner of operation OpAfrica which was launched last year against child abuse, child labour and corruption in the African countries.

The dumped data contains confidential and non-confidential PDF and Docx files from the ministry server including email conversations, security related communication, international trade agreements and letters discussing the security situation in Sudan where government forces are fighting the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA).

“It’s too late for Kenyan government to expect us”: Anonymous

Other letters include conversation related to weapon clearance in Namibia, details about a business collaboration deal between Kenya and Oman, several other documents discussing state officials visiting the country. However, one internal email document is really interesting and talks about security alert for the ministry of foreign affairs’ staff sent by Information Communications Technology (ICT) stating that someone is trying to hack staff email IDs by sending phishing emails containing malicious links. The ICT administrator also shared a screenshot of an email sent by the hackers.


For readers information the dumped data does not include email addresses or passwords, however, in an exclusive conversation with one of the Anonymous hackers HackRead was told that:

We have 1TB of data but at the moment, we have leaked just one portion of it. In few days you will receive full disclosure of the data – We the Anonymous will stand against corruption, child abuse, and child labour! The government of Kenya should have expected.


The leaked data can be accessed using Tor Onion browser. Remember, in March 2016, Kenyan oil refinery website was also defaced for OpAfrica. Another group hacked South African job portal, Ugandan Ministry Of Finance and an IT company under the Rwandan government. The group also leaked details of 64,000 workers from Tanzanian telecom firm for OpAfrica.

Stay tuned for full disclosure of the data.

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