Anonymous Leak Confidential Emails from Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for #OpSyria

The famous online hackavist group Anonymous hackers have leaked 1 gb of documents that contains confidential email conversations of Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The leaked data has been published online for an ongoing Operation by the name of Operation Syria (#OpSyria).

The leaked documents contains restricted conversations between top Syrian government officials and documents, including scanned copies of Syrian ministers’ passports, arms deals & transport information from Ukraine and details of shipment of 200 tons of Syrian bank notes from Russia. 

Anonymous also left a message for the viewers on their website, according to the message:

It is time to visit Syria. We present you one gigabyte of internal government emails from the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nicely parsed and rendered for our Email Viewer. Or, if you prefer, you can download the compressed MBOX archive to import into the mail client of your choice for easy local viewing.

Within the stash you will find details about cargo flights from Russia, each containing 30 tons of fresh Syrian Cash, as ProPublica has already reported today. Furthermore you will find lulzy documents such as scanned passports from Syrian ministers (PDF) and details about arms transportation from Ukraine, as shown in our teaser here (email/txt) and here (overflight permission for Iran, PDF). Most of the material is in Arabic and we invite all arabic speakers to look through the mails for interesting documents. Feel free to contact us on IRC if you have information or questions.

This is not the first time when Anonymous has leaked confidential data on the Syrian government, in March 2012 Anonymous hackers hacked president Bashar ul Assad’s email id and leaked conversation between him and his wife. While in July 2012, WikiLeaks released two million hacked government emails containing secret information and non-serious conversation of the government officials over the ongoing Arab spring. 

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