Anonymous splits and threatens to launch cyberwar as Indonesian hackers crushes down Australian Intelligence website


The Anonymous is on the warpath. This time, however, the battle is between the Indonesian and Australian division of the group. In a video posted this weekend on YouTube  where Anonymous Australia left a message for Indonesian hackers, expressed in following words:

  • Indonesian, cease attacks on civilian sites in Australia and there will be a cyberwar. “And you do not want that, do you?

It all started with a newly leaked document by former ex-NSA‘s tech Edward Snowden revealed that Australian authorities are connected to the American global espionage project PRISM and had Indonesia as one of its targets. The country, which is the largest archipelago in the world, is also one of the largest trading partners of Australia.

As an aftermath of the leaked document, Indonesian hackers from Anonymous Indonesia declared cyberwar on Australian websites. It was preceded by attacks on hundreds of websites Australia at random. This cyber war is predicted to be increasingly fueled emotions hackers from both sides. 

Yesterday, the Indonesian hackers crushed down the official website of Australian Secret Intelligence Agency (ASIS), which is down for two days and still down at the time of publishing this article.

“Stop spying Indonesia,” said the message left on these sites by Anonymous Indonesia. The Anonymous Australia, meanwhile, fumed. In the video, the group said in the video that:

  • These sites are not affiliated with the Australian government and should be left alone.” In the end, there are lists of sites linked to the Australian government and may be the target of attacks from fellow Indonesians.”

It will be an important moment to witness which part of Anonymous will back down or which division of Anonymous will come between Anonymous Australia and Anonymous Indonesia to put both on common terms in order to avoid cyber war. As currently, the cyber war is affecting random Australian citizens.


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