Armenian Hackers Leak Azerbaijani Banking and Military Data

Armenian hackers leaked personal details of government officials and also defaced embassy sites to celebrate 25 years of Armenian independence.

Armenian hackers from Monte Melkonian Cyber Army (MMCA) have leaked a trove of data which they claim belongs to Azerbaijani banks, military and police servers. In an email to HackRead, one of the representatives from MMCA said that reason for targeting government and financial servers was to send a ”precious gift” to Azeris on the 25th anniversary of the Republic of Armenian independence.

The MMCA group also leaked folders on several pastie sites claiming that the files contain personal data of 1200 Azerbaijani officers including names, ID numbers, phone numbers residence addresses and other details whilst another Armenian group going by the online handle of ”Noyer_1K, n0p_c0ntr01” leaked customer database of an Azerbaijani bank that includes personal data of about 10,000 people.

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Upon scanning the leaked data HackRead found other three folders with files showing banking details of over 9000 customers.


Another folder labeled as ”Azerbaijan military & police officer personal info” containing profiles of 46 alleged Azeri military and police officials along with their personal information.


The same folder also contains personal details of Bayramov Vaqif Dilqem Oglu, an Azeri military official who reportedly died in April 2016. The Armenian hackers are using Bayramov’s details to prove that the data is legit.

Captian Bayramov Vaqif Dilqem Oglu’s passport was posted by Karabakh ministry of defense on its official Twitter account
Bayramov’s personal data among the leaked data

Apart of leaking aforementioned data, the hackers also hacked and defaced several Azeri embassies and government websites. The list of targeted sites includes Azeri embassy in Bulgaria, Netherlands and Qatar, Ministry of Foreign Affairs AIDA.

Screenshot from hacked Azeri embassy site for Qatar

Links to all targeted sites along with their Zone-h mirrors as a proof of hack are available here.

HackRead can confirm that there is nothing substantial among the leaked data, however, the cyber war between Armenia and Azerbaijan began in late 2013 and since than hackers from both sides have been carrying cyber attacks on each other’s cyber infrastructure. Previously, the Monte Melkonian Cyber Army (MMCA) leaked ID cards and passports of 5,000 Azeri citizens. You can click here to go through all previous hacks conducted by MMCA.

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Remember, there are no diplomatic relations between the two countries and they are still technically at war because of the ongoing Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and dispute.

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