Authorities arrest active dark web child abuser in Italy

Joint Operation from Europol and International Agencies leads to Arrest of Dark Web Child Sexual Abuser in Italy.

The arrest came after the joint operation from Europol and Italian authorities.

In what seems to be a series of important breakthroughs in busting the deep-rooted network of child sexual abuse on the Dark Web, the Europol has managed to nab another pedophile from Italy. 

It was more or less a blind case as apart from the videos posted on the Dark Web showing a 30-year old man brutally sexually assaulting a minor girl there was no other clue available to track the offender down.

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However, with collaborative efforts by the intelligence agencies and law enforcement authorities from around the world, the Europol eventually hunted down the pedophile.

According to Europol’s press release, the abuser was arrested by the Italian State Police (Polizia di Stato) within ten days after the authorities discovered the child abuse content online. The offender’s location was tracked in a northern Italian region after carrying out an examination of the video.

Furthermore, intelligence information was collected from law enforcement agencies in different countries and victim identification specialists from Australia, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Canada collectively worked with Europol to identify the offender and the victim.

The Italian investigators also used video examination that helped them get more information about the offender’s whereabouts. 

Additionally, after using open-source information and Italian State Police intelligence reports the Europol was able to locate the offender’s residence. 

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The State Postal and Communications Police’s field office searched the suspect’s home and discovered thousands of abusive images and sexual exploitation videos involving minors.

The victim was taken to a safe place while the offender was arrested on the spot and then and is awaiting his trial. 

European law enforcement authorities have been actively busting dark web child abusers. Last month, a Nursery school teacher along with her partner was arrested for years-long dark web child abuse. 

In April 2020 again, a dark web pedophile known for uploading highly graphic child abuse content on several online forums was arrested after international corporation between Europol and Australian authorities.

On April 2nd, 2020, European authorities arrested an international gang of dark web child abusers and seized 15TB of files.

If you are aware of online abuse against children, tip Europol and the FBI on these links (1 & 2).

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