Bangkok Police Arrests Ukrainian Hacker Planning ATM Malware Attack

Bangkok police have detained an east European man Oleksandr Krachkovskyi who was carrying fake credit cards and the department is citing it as a great victory since they have managed to thwart a bank ATM oriented malware attack.

Suspect under Thai police custody / Image Source: Bangkok Post.

The 31-year-old Ukrainian passport holder Krachkovskyi was caught on Wednesday from a shopping mall situated in Pratunam area. At the time of his arrest, the suspect was using a fake credit card for forging some cash.

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According to Police Commissioner Natthathorn Prohsunthorn, the suspect lived at the Kitti Building located at Mor Leng Road in Ratchathewi district. In a press briefing, the commissioner stated that the police searched the suspect’s residence and confiscated 56 fake white credit cards. The suspect has also admitted to using fake credit cards for counterfeiting money and gave a statement to the police that he bought these fake credit cards from a so-called CreditCard Mafia network that is operating across Europe and the United States.

Other equipment discovered at the suspect’s property included devices for reading/writing data on electronic cards, computer and similar other gadgets. The suspect was also involved in the selling of stolen cards data to transnational criminals since the police discovered information of stolen credit cards belonging to US and European nationals on his computer.

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Lt. Gen Nattatorn of Bangkok police confirmed that they are pretty sure Krachkovskyi was planning a massive malware attack on ATMs in Bangkok because they found pictures of ATMs of various banks in his computer. The banks were located in Bangkok and other provinces. Moreover, on Krachkovskyi’s computer, the police found relevant files on using malware for hacking ATMs. According to the immigration police chief, similar data was identified on the computers of hackers involved in attacking ATMs in 2016.

Source: Bangkok Post | Image Via: Flickr/Clement127

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