Bind For Cleaning Blood And Bullet Marks In Counter-Strike 2

Bind For Cleaning Blood And Bullet Marks In Counter-Strike 2

One of the most needed functions in the CS console has always been a command that allows you to instantly remove all traces of blood and bullet marks on the walls. This bind is useful not only for aesthetic reasons — traces of blood have been proven to slightly reduce FPS in Counter-Strike 2.

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Binds In CS2: What Is It?

Many people know that CS2 has a fairly impressive set of commands. The classic version of their use involves activating the console and entering a certain set of characters manually.

It’s long and inconvenient. Another option is that some commands can be attached or changed in the game settings. But not everything is there. Plus, it’s not always convenient.

However, binds solve this problem! It is enough to configure everything once, and then everything will work by pressing a certain button!

The fact is that binds in KS2 are a special system that allows you to bind one or another command existing in the game to a specific button.

It turns out the following:

  • The gamer sets up the bind once – it should be linked via the console to a specific command to a specific button.
  • During the game or during pauses between battles, a person presses a button to execute a command.
  • The result is a quick response to commands. Control is carried out with maximum comfort and speed for the user.

How to Set Up Binds in CS2

Setting up binds as usual is not difficult. To configure a specific bind in KS2, you must follow the following instructions:

Activate the console in the game. Initially, this function is bound to the “~” key.

Enter bind: “button” “command”. The first quotes indicate the key to which a specific command will be bound, and the second quotes indicate the command itself.

CS2 has just a huge number of different commands. Naturally, there are more or less popular binds. Below is a list of those that are in greatest demand:

bind “button” “+cl_show_team_equipment”

This bind provides highlighting of allies, showing their health and the type of weapon they are using. A useful command for players who take into account all the little things in their strategy.

bind “button” “toggle cl_righthand”

This bind changes the game character’s right-handedness to left-handedness and back.

bind “button” “use weapon_c4; drop”

With this bind, the player quickly throws the bomb out of his inventory, saving time in searching for it.

bind “button” “toggle voice_enable”

This bind mutes the sound in the general chat.

bind “button” “buy m4a1; buy AK47”

This bind allows you to quickly buy an AK47, the type of which changes depending on who the person is playing as. Similarly, you can link the purchase of any game item. To do this, instead of the name AK47, the desired option is used – the list is easy to find on the Internet.

How to Remove Blood in CS 2

To activate the command you will need to launch the console. Usually, it opens with the ~ key. A window will open in which you can use various functions.

It is worth noting that the command that activates the disappearance of blood and traces of weapons only works for the person who launched it. For other players on the server, the picture will not change; they need to register the command themselves.

Console Command to Remove Blood And Bullet Marks in CS 2

Unlike CS:GO, in Counter-Strike 2 this feature does not work on all servers, since you need to enable cheat mode to use it. After pressing ~ and opening the console, you need to write:

sv_cheats 1

Then press Enter. After activating the cheats, directly enter the command to clear the blood and bullets, and then press Enter again.


After this, all traces of blood and the use of weapons should disappear from the map.

Bind to erase blood in CS 2

If you don’t want to write a command every time you want to clean the blood, use a bind. To use the Shift key on your keyboard instead of the console, enter this text into the console:

bind “SHIFT” “cl_removedecals”

Instead of Shift, you can use any other button on the keyboard – F or G.

Bind to Remove Blood And Bullet Marks When Moving in Counter-Strike 2

You can make life even easier: enter the following text into the console and the blood will disappear every time you press the WASD movement keys:

  • bind “W” “cl_removedecals”
  • bind “A” “cl_removedecals”
  • bind “S” “cl_removedecals”
  • bind “D” “cl_removedecals”

Bind to Erase Traces of Bullets And Blood in CS2 With The Left Mouse Button

You can make the command work after each shot – instead of the name of the key, use MOUSE 1 (left mouse button). This bind can be used in conjunction with the bind above.

bind “MOUSE1” “cl_removedecals”

Command to Completely Remove Blood And Shots in CS 2

Finally, here’s new command for the console in Counter-Strike 2. It allows you to completely get rid of all traces of blood and bullets – they simply will not appear until you enter the opposite command – you need to replace 0 with 1.

r_csgo_render_decals 0

Final Thoughts

The average number of players in CS2 is over 750,000. The competition is high and only the most trained and fastest will win. To quickly react to events in CS2, you can use binds. This will make the process more enjoyable and will bring you closer to participating in USD reward matches.

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