This man is creating a chatbot for his mom so they can talk after she dies

The CEO of Humai technology is working on a jaw-dropping chatbot for his mom so they can talk after she is gone.

The CEO of Humai technology is working on a jaw-dropping chatbot for his mom so they can talk after she is gone.

There’s no doubt that every single one of us wants to live forever and there is no doubt that nobody lives forever. But Josh Bocanegra, CEO of Humai, a technology company based in Los Angeles is working on a chatbot that will hypothetically keep his mom alive – even after death.

Yes, Bocanegra is developing a chatbot that will help him talk to his mother even after her final breath. To that end, he and his mother are recording tons of audio messages.

Josh Bocanegra / Image Source: HumaiTech
Josh Bocanegra / Image Source: HumaiTech

Bocanegra didn’t reveal many details about his chatbot project but we do know it is built around Artificial intelligence, (AI)In a blog post, Bocanegra talked about the importance of life, death and digital immortality and how technological advancement is allowing scientists to work on new and exciting projects.

“It’s a hard task to tackle but recent advances in artificial intelligence are enabling developers to build new applications with powerful natural language processing algorithms. Like a chatbot, I’m creating of my mom.

I’m creating a chatbot that responds to what I say in my mother’s voice. It answers questions like “How are you?” and offers a different response if asked again, so it’s not repetitive. It also uses a machine learning algorithm to comprehend the various ways a question can be asked.”

Raymond Johansen, an online journalist, and activist commented on this project,

“It is very exciting and could help A LOT OF people with grief. Also, it would give people goals while dying. Something to do while they wait for cancer to kill them. Prepare for death. Very exciting. Prolonging life and reducing grief.”

Here’s a 46 seconds demonstration how this chatbot will actually work:

If you are interested in making your own chatbot, Bocanegra wants you to send him a Facebook message. This, however, is not the first time when the CEO of Humai has decided to take on a task that would seem impossible some years ago. In fact, Humai is also working on technology to bring dead back to life.

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