Download All OpFreePalestine’s Dumps

We receive too many emails regarding leaked data, some users wants leaks on Anonymous, some wants leaks on Israel and India. While some wants to know data related to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. So we have decided to collect the data leaked by hackers and post them here one by one for everyone running around for these dumps.

 This is the first part where you can found all the dumps made for OpFreePalestine by different hackers, but we can’t promise posting these dumps everyday.

These dumps contains data from The Boeing Corporation, CEO of McDonalds James “Jim” Skinner, Turner Broadcasting IncNews CorpCNNFox NewsCEO of Caterpillar INC Doug Oberhelman, McDonalds Corporation, General Dynamics Armament and Technical ProductsGulfstream AerospaceGeneral Dynamics ITBAE SystemsElbit Systems (US DIvision)Lockheed MartinCEO of Coca-Cola Muhtar KentContacts_Coca-ColaLetter_of_Complaint_Mark Thompson Director general…Mark Thompson DG of the BBC/d0x_BBC, CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz,  and CocaCola.

Dumps can be downloaded from:




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