Protest against election fraud continues as Anonymous hacks more Honduras government portals


Yesterday, we reported how “ Anonymous Honduras ” hacked and defaced high profile Honduras government websites including Interpol and State Police websites against electoral fraud in country’s vice presidential election. 

Today, the same Anonymous Honduras has targeted more high profile government portals, ministries and institutes against electoral fraud in country’s vice presidential election.

In today’s hack, Anonymous hacked and defaced websites belonging to Official Portal of Government of Honduras, 3 domains of Transparency Portal (Institute of Access to Public Information), National Education Center for Work, National Institute of Environmental and Wild Life Protection and several other high profile government owned websites.

Anonymous announced these hacks on their official Facebook page:

All targeted websites were left with a deface page along with a message expressed in following words:

  •  “We are Anonymous! From past couple of day we have been spreading news about electoral fraud in the election. Where , with the help of citizens, collect all the evidence, in order to prove fraud in the election procedures and results. So this day we appeal to all to join in and protest but as a collective we have no commitments with any political party to consider all of the same. We urge that democracy and true decision of the people we respect.”

Anonymous later urged people to come out and protests against the fraud in these election or then it will be too late. The deface message adds that:

  •  “Let’s go out to the streets peacefully and not compare ourselves , or we challenge oppression , remember that they have the guns and money , we only our voice, our indignation and our desire for freedom . If you are in protest in front of foreign embassies. If we can wake up now , there will be a possible time.”

Links of targeted websites along with their links are available here.

At the time of publishing this article, all targeted websites were either still hacked or showing offline messages. 


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