Egyptian Armed Forces Training Authority Website Hacked and Defaced

On 31st March, 2014, a hacker going with the handle of ”YMH” hacked and defaced the official website of Egyptian Armed Forces Training Authority.

Deface page left by the hacker

Hacker left a deface page along with a message in Arabic language. However, it does not appose or support the opposition or the government, infect it talks about leaving politics aside and enjoy a cup of tea. 

Following deface message has been translated from Arabic to English.

  • Owned by Ymh! We don’t know with whom to fight, el sisi or the Muslim Brotherhood, leave all the politics behind and enjoy yourselves a little with the tea of Om Hasan ( symbol of the reversed revolution).

On 23rd March, 2014, the same YMH hacker had hacked and defaced the official website of Tourist Development Authority of Egypt and Military Technical College (MTC) Egypt with similar deface messages.

Links of both targeted websites along with their mirrors are available below:

At the time of publishing this article, the website of Egyptian Armed Forces Training Authority was down; while the other two sites were restored and working online.

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