Father witnesses Son’s birth from Thousands of Miles away Via Samsung’s GearVR

Samsung has done it yet again.. It has managed to do something entirely unique and introduce a new concept to the techno world. This time it has filmed the birth of a child for the first time in virtual reality through the amazing Gear VR.

The event of birth was live-streamed to Australia, where the baby’s father was present. Through virtual reality, a father was able to witness his son’s birth from thousands of miles away.

A secondary motive behind this filming feat was to show-off the non-gaming oriented uses of Gear VR.

The Heart Melting Story of Jason and Alison Larke:

Jason and Alison are a couple living in Australia. Jason is an electrical engineer who constantly needs to take contracts on a “fly in and fly out” basis to support his family. But, these contracts often keep him away from his family for weeks and sometimes even for months.

So, when the time came for their baby’s birth, Jason couldn’t afford to miss the event and this is how stage was set for Samsung’s entry into their story.

Through a special camera that was able to capture the room from multiple angles, Samsung filmed Alison while giving birth to the couple’s third son. The Verge reports footage was being live-streamed simultaneously to Jason, who was almost 2,500miles away. Jason had to wear a virtual reality headset in order to be able to look up and down or around the delivery room.

Although the experience was much more immersive than what would be offered by Skype or Facetime, but The Verge identified one shortcoming that Jason’s full face wasn’t visible to Alison as he was wearing virtual reality goggles. These goggles hide most of the wearer’s face. 

Samsung is all out to strike a hopeful note through this video by highlighting or proving the numerous ways futuristic technology can connect us.


However, we cannot help thinking that it would have been equally kind of Samsung if it had simply paid for a round trip to let Jason be physically there with Alison instead of being virtually present with his wife during the event.

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