Google Denies Killing Donkey! Image Included

Reports on social media suggest that Google Street View car ran over a donkey due to which it died on the spot, but Google denies all the allegations.

Two days ago a  Twitter user with handle of @TheRealSheldonC tweeted a picture of a donkey (which at that time seemed to be dead.) saying “I think Google street view ran over a donkey in Botswana”.

The images from Google Street View initially show the donkey standing upright on the right side of the road but if the Street View user moves further up the dirt road past the animal and looks back the creature can be seen lying on its side.


@TheRealSheldonC claimed that the donkey was hit by Google Street View car in order to capture images used on the Street View service.

While the Google talk the other way, “Our Street View teams take the safety of people and donkeys very seriously,” a Google spokesperson. A review of our imagery confirms that we did not cause any harm to the donkey.”

Google also said that Donkey was already lying down when our Street View Car reached there, later it walked off totally uninjured. However, this version of events seems inconsistent with photos of the scene.

A cloud of dirt can be seen near the donkey, leading some Twitter users to suggest it was caused when the animal hit the ground.

Other users have commented that for Google’s version of events to be correct the donkey would have been walking backwards, which the animals apparently cannot do.

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