Hackers Breach GitHub Repository for Bitcoin Gold Windows Wallet

Hackers Breach GitHub Repository for Bitcoin Gold Windows Wallet

Bitcoin price is surging, and same goes for cyberattacks against it.

The Bitcoin Gold (BTG) team have announced that a hacker breached into their Github repository and changed the two existing Windows files with malicious ones. The reason for it was to trick users and steal their funds. Currently, one Bitcoin (BTC) is almost $10,000 that makes it an easy and lucrative target for cybercriminals.

According to a critical warning issued by BTG team on November 26th, the hack also affected those who downloaded the official Windows wallet from BTG’s website between November 21st to November 25th. BTG is urging users to take extreme caution in case they downloaded the Windows wallet client. The developers went on to suggest scanning their computer for malware or even wipe their devices and move any cryptocurrencies with wallets accessible on that machine.

It’s still unclear how the hacker was able to breach BTG’s security and replace Windows files; developers maintain no Linux file was affected and GitHub repository has already been secured to protect users from the second attack while the malicious files have also been removed and replaced with original and secured one.

“Until we know otherwise, all users should presume this file was created with malicious intent – to steal cryptocurrencies and/or user information. The file does not trigger antivirus / anti-malware software, but do not presume the file is safe,” BTG warning said.

“If the file was used, the computer on which it was used should be addressed with extreme caution; the file should be deleted, the machine should be thoroughly checked for malware and viruses (or wiped clean), and any cryptocurrencies with wallets accessible on that machine should be moved to new wallet addresses immediately,” the team added.

However, users are urged to keep an eye on their wallets and report any suspicious activity to BTG. Due to a massive surge in Bitcoin price, cybercriminals are hunting vulnerable wallets to steal user funds with all their skills.

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