Hackers replace FIFA Brazil World Cup Website with Protest Footage


Unknown hackers have hacked and defaced the website of FIFA World Cup in Brazil (http://copaemcuiaba.com.br) with a Youtube video, urging people not to come to Brazil to watch the world cup and showing police brutality over protesters.

The main page of FIFA’s website was defaced and replaced with a YouTube video, showing protesters marching, before riot police release tear gas and fire on the protesters with rubber bullets.

Video shows protesters with slogans, chanting the following words:

  • “Sem violencia!” — which means “Without violence!” in English

Hackers also edited the title website with following worlds:

  • Nao Venha Pata a Copa No Brasil. Do not come to Brasil for the world cup

A screenshot from web archive shows how the site use to look before defacement can be seen below.

hackers-replace-brazil-world-cup-website-with-protest-footage-2 Earlier Anonymous hacker had hacked the official Twitter account of Brazil’s largest magazine VEJA against police brutality over the protesters.

At the time of publishing this article, the site was still hacked and displaying deface message left by the hackers.


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