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  • 8 ‎Egyptian Ministry Websites Hacked by ‎Anonymous ‎Jordan, asks Anti-Morsi Protesters Few Questions

    An Anonymous hacker going with the handle of Anonymous Jordan has hacked and defaced eight (8) Egyptian Ministry websites against the taking down of Muslim Brotherhood’s government few days ago. The targeted websites belong to different high profile government ministries and departments, such as the website of Ministry of Electricity & Energy (www.nrea.gov.eg) Egyptian Ministry of Planning and […]

  • Hackers replace FIFA Brazil World Cup Website with Protest Footage

    Unknown hackers have hacked and defaced the website of FIFA World Cup in Brazil (http://copaemcuiaba.com.br) with a Youtube video, urging people not to come to Brazil to watch the world cup and showing police brutality over protesters. The main page of FIFA’s website was defaced and replaced with a YouTube video, showing protesters marching, before riot police release tear […]

  • Indonesia #TangoDown: Anonymous takes down Ministry of Tourism, Embassy & National Portal website

    The Anonymous hackers have attacked some high profile Indonesian government owned websites for two of their operations #OpFreeWildan #FreeAnon.  The websites were taken down as a result of a DDoS attack which was announced by one of Anonymous hacker on his official Twitter account, according to which:  The targeted sites includes Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative […]

  • Government of Philippines & 115 other sites hacked by AnonGhost

    The well know hacker AnonGhost has hacked and defaced the official website of Philippine’s Lanuza municipality (lanuza.gov.ph) and 115 other websites from different countries around the world. The hacker left his groups deface page and a message on all of the hacked websites which is criticizing the role of all the government of the world. According to the […]

  • #Op_Egypt: Ministry of Information & Cabinet of Ministers Websites Taken Down by Anonymous

    Just when things were looking down, the hackavist group Anonymous hit back the Egyptian government by taking down three of its high profile websites. The website of  Egyptian Cabinet of Ministers (egyptiancabinet.gov.eg), the Cabinet of Egypt (cabinet.gov.eg), and the Ministry of Information (moinfo.gov.eg). The CWN site reports that Anonymous hackers attacked and took down the sites as part of […]

  • More Leaks Coming Up in 2013,says WikiLeaks Founder

    Founder of WikiLeaks , Julian Assange is all set to leak one million documents belonging to different countries . This was declared by Assange on the Christmas day while standing outside the Ecuador embassy. Assange these days has been house arrested in the Ecuador embassy following his confidential document leaks that belonged to different government to […]

  • Anonymous takes Down Delhi Police Website against student gang-rape case

    In a report by RT, the website of Delhi Police website has been taken down by Anonymous hackers against the gang rape and violence over protesters against the rape. The news was announced by a supporter of Anonymous hackers who goes by the handle of @Anon_Info_Ops: On the night of 16 December 2012, an Indian female physiotherapy student […]

  • #OpWestBoro: Westboro Baptist Church Hacked by Anonymous Hackers

    The official website of Westboro Baptist Church [godhatesfags.com] was hacked and private information was taken away by Anonymous hackers.  Earlier in a video message, Anonymous warned Westboro Baptist Church against their conversational protest planned for Obama’s visit, the hackers also criticized the Church for protesting during military funerals throughout the United States. According to the video message: “We will not allow you to […]

  • #Tango Down: ShivSena website taken down by Anonymous for #OpIndia

    Anonymous hackers are keeping up with their #OpIndia, this time they have taken down the official website of ShivSena via DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack.  The attack was announced by the Anonymous on their official Twitter account.   ShivSina is a political organisation in India founded on 19 June 1966 by political cartoonist Bal Thackeray, the organisation emerged out […]

  • Anonymous hacked Israeli News Agency, 91 user accounts leaked for #OpIsrael

    The hacker group Anonymous  hacked into the official web page of an Israeli based news agency Debka and leaked login information of 91 users. The leaked data contains emails and plain text passwords of daily users. Anonymous believes that Debka news agency has close ties with the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, the group even went further by defining the agency […]

  • Unity Coalition for Israel Website hacked by Anonymous, database leaked for #OpIsrael

    The Digital-Intifada blog came up with an interesting news where official website of Unity Coalition for Israel was hacked and huge database was leaked by the Anonymous hackers for their ongoing operation against Israel by the name of #OpIsrael. The hack was also announced by Anonymous hackers on their official Twitter account.  (Credits: Digital-Intifada) Anonymous hackers started […]

  • Philippine National Police Website Hacked for #OpPhilippines

    The official website of Police Community Relations Group (PCRG) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) was hacked Tuesday afternoon by well-known Philippine Cyber Army, the part of the online hacktivist group “Anonymous”. The hacked police website was displaying a message that shows the website was hacked against the protest of Cybercrime Prevention Act 2012, which has […]

  • #OccupyPhilippines: Philippine Government Website Hacked By Anonymous for Second Time

    Online hacktivist group Anonymous has successfully hacked Philippine Government website for #OccupyPhilippines. The website which is owned by the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewage System (MWSS), was hacked for the second time in the same month by Anonymous group. On September 2, 2012, the MWSS website was hacked for #OccupyPhilippines against the bill that was passed in the Philippine, which according to Anonymous hackers is […]

  • Kellogg’s Australia Website Hacked by LulzSec EU

    The official website of Kellogg Australia has been hacked and taken down by Anonymous LulzSec EU, where hackers left their trademark logo. Kellogg Company (informally Kellogg’s or Kellogg) is a multinational food manufacturing company headquartered in Battle Creek, Michigan, United States. The hack was announced by LulzSec EU on their official Twitter account, where according to the […]

  • 6 Anonymous hackers arrested by Dominican Republic Police

    Six alleged Anonymous hackers have been arrested by Dominican Republic Police from capital Santiago, accused of hacking into government websites including the official presidential, higher education and police education, ministry and other top national & multinational websites. German Vasquez, the Public Prosecutor German Vasquez said that all 6 arrested suspects are between the age group of 17 and 23. While the Defense lawyer Carlos Guerrero denied […]

  • Symantec Norton AntiVirus 2006 leaked by Anonymous for #FreeHammond

    Anonymous hackers have done it again, this time they have leaked source code of Symantec Norton antivirus 2006 version. The leak was done in the name of ongoing operation #Freehammond. Jeremy Hammond is one of the LulzSec hacker was arrested by the FBI last week, accused of participating in an international computer-hacking plot. Anonymous left […]