How to Prevent Phishing Targeted at your Business

Phishing attacks are getting more common and we need tools and techniques to prevent phishing from growing and targeting unsuspected users.

Phishing attacks are getting more common now, and we need some tools and techniques to prevent phishing. Phishing Prevention is a set of procedures and gadgets that are applied to recognize and encounter phishing attacks beforehand. 

Phishing prevention also includes user awareness for phishing through already installed. Before taking an in-depth look into the different techniques to prevent phishing, here is what Phishing is.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is an illegal approach by cybercriminals to steal someone’s confidential or personal details such as bank account details, credit card information, etc. Sometimes, phishing is applied to increase and spread malware to more and more users rather than targeting a user directly.  

Phishing is also a cybercrime technique that criminals use with the help of cellphones, emails, and social media networks to steal personal details of a person. 

Types of Phishing Attacks

All phishing techniques are generally categorized into two classifications:

  • Directly approaching users to get personal details through hoax websites.
  • Tricking the user to spread malware by malicious links in an email.  

What are Phishing Prevention Tips?

There is no professional way described to prevent phishing. Though standard methods are used which include education to enhance awareness in a person, installing different anti-phishing tools and guiding users with other precautionary measures to identify phishing first hand and to prevent the attack.

How to Defend Against Phishing?

There are two basic ways by which companies and businesses can adopt an efficient approach for phishing prevention such as user education and specialized software. Nothing will work alone; companies need to choose an integrated practice to prevent these frauds. 

There are two main categories on the user issue of how to prevent phishing attack:

  • Restrict emails

This technique prevents email phishing, and it is done by installing special anti-phishing software. There are many sets of prevention available in the market which offer its unique way of handling sensitivity such as zero-day vulnerability, to detect and encounter malware, sensing man in the middle attacks, identifying spear-phishing emails, etc.


  • Handle emails safely


Email handling is the best technique that involves user education which lets user detect hoax emails and also provide measures on how to prevent them. 

Phishing Prevention Best Practices

  • Restrict yourself from using public networks.
  • Always look for the location by placing the cursor on the precise links instead of clicking them.
  • Never give any personal information on any site that doesn’t own an SSL certificate. 
  • Restrict yourself from pop-ups and also don’t use such sites that have many pop-ups coming. 

Phishing Attack Prevention

  • If a person has no idea of phishing techniques and terms, then he could not be able to prevent himself from it. Therefore, special education is required that could sense any vulnerable mishap. 
  • Use a filter that can detect any scam, virus, or any fraud sender.
  • Keep your systems updated with the latest software. 
  • Install antivirus programs and monitor the status regularly. 
  • Utilize web filters to restrict malicious websites. 
  • Extensions and add-ons can be used to prevent malicious links.

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