iKeyMonitor Spy App for iPhone and Android: Best Remote Monitoring Tool

Nowadays, it has become a social rule to own a smartphone, and humanity has become more dependent on social networks than ever before. We need to be connected to the Internet at all times and we publish our most private and personal thoughts there. Even in social events people spend their time constantly checking their phones. That’s why it’s so important to control and monitor our children’s smartphone.

If you are a parent interested in knowing what your children are doing, who they are talking to, what they are looking at online or what they are thinking about, the best solution is to use a spy application. And right now, there is no better alternative in the market than iKeyMonitor spy app for iPhone and Android, which has been proven by many sites and technology reviewers. With this app, we can protect our children from immoral or harmful content that can be found on the network.

iPhone and Android monitoring is also very useful for an employer who wants to know what their employees do with the phones or tablets provided by the company. It is thus possible to detect irresponsible or disloyal employees with the company, such as filtering confidential data.

The main advantage of iKeyMonitor over other competitors is that after registering all the online and offline activities performed by the monitored device, the app sends them to a cloud control account or an email address, which is convenient for users to view and check the logs whenever and wherever they want.

Key Features of iKeyMonitor Spy App for iPhone and Android

iKeyMonitor is publicly considered to be the most professional and secure spy app for its powerful and secure monitoring features. Take a look at the key features of this spy app and you will understand why.

iKeyMonitor features

Remote Control

The application can be activated and deactivated remotely from the control panel of iKeyMonitor. No need to physically have the device spied on your hands, which allows more anonymous control. It also allows you to activate self-monitoring when your phone is lost or stolen.

Environment Monitoring

iKeyMonitor spy app even allows you to hear and record all the sounds and conversations around the target smartphone. By hearing the surrounding sound, you can tell whether children have good performance at school or they get bullied by schoolmates. You can protect them better.

Monitoring of Social Networks

An Android spy app or an iPhone monitoring app can fully access chat apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Line, Hangouts, WeChat, where people share many of their most personal thoughts with their friends. We will be able to see all the chats and messages sent and received by the target device user.

Block Apps and Games

We can block certain applications so that our children or employees cannot use them. Children may spend too much time playing games which may distract them from study and sleep. Employees may even watch videos and chat with friends secretly when they should focus on work, whose irresponsible behaviors may waste the company resources.

Impose Time Limits

Such a spy app can set time limits for the use of certain applications or the phone itself. This way we can control possible virtual addictions of our kids or work distractions.

Snapchat Monitoring

Snapchat is an application created specifically to be able to send private messages that self-destruct in a short time. After the receiver saw the note, it is erased forever. That is why it is very important to be able to save permanent Snapchat records by using iKeyMonitor. iKeyMonitor logs Snapchat chats by logging keystrokes inputted in Snapchat and capturing screenshots of Snapchat chats.

24/7 Service Available

iKeyMonitor provides technical support always available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns in real time that you have and to solve your problems. Support is available by e-mail and live chat.

In conclusion, iKeyMonitor spy app for iPhone and Android phone is very useful for the upbringing and control of our children, and also for the monitoring of employees. It can be used by the whole family. The license costs only 49.99$ for a month, although there is an annual plan option available with a 50% discount. Without a doubt, it is a highly recommended application.

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