Malaysian Police Facebook, Twitter Accounts Hacked by Pro-ISIS Hackers

The Malaysian Police Facebook and Twitter added to the list of targeted government social media accounts — Monday afternoon saw the pages of these accounts modified and pro-ISIS group Anon Ghost took liability.

An Islamic State picture was the new profile picture that the Malaysian Royal department of Police Facebook page displayed. The cover photo was not spared either. It had a picture of a gunman waving an Islamic flag with the words ‘’Khilafah has returned.” printed on it.

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The police emblem profile picture too was substituted by the image of an eye as well as some Arabic words two of which were Allah and Muhammad.

Also posted on this Facebook page was an image of militants carrying weapons and on it and the words “VIVA ISLAMIC STATE” were visible.

Screenshot from Malaysian Police Facebook page at the time when it was hacked

Shortly after, they posted a comment to reveal their identity that read,

“We are : Mauritania Attacker – AnonxoxTn – StingerByte – Mr.Domoz – Th3Falcon – HusseiN98D – Dr’SaMiM-008 – n0name-haxor – hAxOr tr0jAn – BillGate – Mr.Ajword – Extazy007 – Psyco_Hacker – Black Cracker – Virusa Worm – Donnazmi – X-Wanted – De_Reb0rNz – Tunisian Cracker – L’APoca-Dz – Psyf3r – Vortex.”.

The third post read “#AnonGhost was here.”

The police Twitter page also seemed to reflect the ongoings of their Facebook page which is clear evidence that this account too had been hacked.

A post they had updated on this account read “Najib Razak…we are coming to you ….”

This was followed by another tweet in their language,

“Kami nak beri amaran pada menteri amaran….jgn nak bekap2 kazen ko tu…hidup ATM ! hidup Dr.M !” Which if translated directly to English meant “We want to give a warning to the minister…don’t backup your cousin…long live ATM ! long live Dr. M!”

Screenshot from Malaysian Police Twitter account at the time when it was hacked

This group came out strongly to distinguish themselves from another popular hacker group, Anonymous.

They stated vehemently that Anon Ghost and Anonymous did not have the same goal neither were they at the same level in hacking.

They claimed to be “the sound of the forgotten people” and “the freedom fighter in the cyber world” and that their core targets were Zionism and Israel. This group went on to inform the police in a statement, that they had hacked this account because they needed to show the world just who they were. They stated that fame was the least of their priorities and that they had a mission to accomplish.

“We support all hackers teams and we support all the freedom movement in the world. \! /,” they stated.

AnonGhost initially started as a pro-Palestinian hacktivist group, but with the passage of time became a group of hackers supporting the ISIS’ ideology. 

In past, AnonGhost hacked United Nations, subdomains of U.S Air Force website, Israeli credit cards and donated thousands of dollars to pro-Palestinian charity organisations.

At the time of publishing this article, both accounts were restored. 

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