Researcher finds Mexico’s entire voter database (93.4 million) online

Someone leaked entire Mexican voter data on the Internet and it was not even password protected

A database containing voter data of each and every Mexican citizen was available on the Internet without any password protection. This means the records of 93.4 million Mexican voters were out there for anyone to access without any restriction on Amazon Web Servers.

The database was found by renowned security researcher Chris Vickery (who discovered 13 million credentials of MacKeeper users and 3.3 million accounts of Hello Kitty users) on April 14th.

“The data could be used in kidnapping of Mexican citizens”

He informed the Mexican government and The National Electoral Institute (NEI) who confirmed the leaked data was legit and reportedly contained full names, date of birth, addresses and unique voting numbers of every single Mexican voter. However, good news is that the data has been removed from the servers.

Screenshot shows content of the leaked data / Image Source:

In his blogpost Chris Vickery said that the leaked data could have created a lot of problems for Mexican citizens.

“Kidnapping is a considerable problem in Mexico, and allowing cartels to download copies of this database could prove disastrous.”

It is unclear who was behind the leak or how the database was leaked online but as of now things are under control and an investigation has been launched. 

This was not the first time when a country had its entire voters data circulated online. Just last week, Anonymous Philipine was arrested for hacking Commission on Elections (Comelec) and leaking entire voter data over the Internet. The voter data of 191 Million US citizens was also found on the Dark Web and not to mention the entire Turkish citizen data which was available online until few days ago without knowing how it reached there and who was behind it.


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