Mobile Cybersecurity Firm Cirotta Launches Anti-Hacking Phone Cases

Israeli Mobile Cybersecurity Startup Cirotta has launched smartphone cases that the company claims to provide complete protection while allowing full operation of devices.

Tel Aviv, Israel-based startup Cirotta has introduced a ground-breaking method to prevent mobile phone hacking and data privacy breaches. The company explained in a press release that it has successfully converted smartphone cases into full-fledged electronic security devices.

A Novel Idea

Undoubtedly, turning phone cases into electronic security gadgets is a unique idea to create a security barrier between threat actors and smartphone data. According to Cirotta, these phone cases offer foolproof security to the phone without impacting the device’s normal operations.

Target Consumers

The case price starts at $200, which is quite expensive for a phone case. However, it is worth investing in protecting your data. The cases’ target audiences currently include security, government, and military institutions/officials, high-profile executives, and VIPs.

For your information, Cirotta specializes in creating advanced anti-surveillance technologies for smartphones.

Anti-Hacking Phone Case Detailed Overview

According to Cirotta, these anti-hacking phone cases are backed up by six patents. These are available in numerous configurations to meet the diverse needs of smartphone users.

Moreover, these cases are non-device or network-specific and function independently. Another great feature is that the cases are well-designed and aesthetically pleasing. Regarding their capabilities, Cirotta explained that the case blocks camera lenses to prevent threat actors from accessing cameras and spying on the user.

Furthermore, these prevent undesired conversation tracking/recording, thwart operating system hacking or data sweeping when the phone is turned on, and use highly advanced security algorithms to evade the phone’s active noise filtering mechanism.

The cases can also prevent hackers from abusing microphones remotely and block location tracking by overriding the GPS data. That’s not all; the anti-hacking cases can nullify monitoring of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections and offset Near-field communication (NFC).

Mobile Cybersecurity Firm Cirotta Launches Anti-Hacking Phone Cases
Mobile Cybersecurity Firm Cirotta Launches Anti-Hacking Phone Cases
Mobile Cybersecurity Firm Cirotta Launches Anti-Hacking Phone Cases
Team Cirotta

Two Models Available in Anti-Hacking Cases

The cases are available in two models- Athena and Universal. Athena is compatible with a broad range of high-end smartphone models, including the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S22, and upcoming models in these series.

Currently, Athena Silver is available that can block the device’s camera and mic. Athena Gold will be launched soon with the capability of securing the device’s Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth connectivity, among other features.

Conversely, the Universal model is compatible with almost all smartphone models. You can choose between Universal Gold, Silver, and Bronze model. Bronze can only block the phone’s camera, Silver can block the camera and mic, and Gold can block all transmissible data points such as camera, mic, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. This model will be available from August 2022.

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