More 80+ Websites Hacked By Sizzling Soul Against Anti-Islamic Movie

Previously we updated you about cyber attack on Mexican Government owned websites in protest against the Anti-Islamic movie by Sizzling Soul of Pakistan Cyber Army. Today Sizzling Soul hacker has hacked over 80 websites in protest against the same Anti-Islamic movie. 

The hacker left his groups deface page along with a message displaying the reason for attacking the websites.

According to the deface message:

100 %
Attempting Bypass…
Code broken!

A message for Boobish People: 
Dont Try To Insult Our PROPHET (P.B.U.H) 
Why You People Always Try To Attack Our Religion?
You Made An Insulting Movie Of PROPHET(P.B.U.H)” 
This Is Totally Insane,.

You Are Provoking The Anger Of PeaceFull Muslims!
Stop This
Otherwise You WOn’t Be Able To Stop Us

This Is Just A Warning For You…. 
If You Don’t Stop,Next Attack Will Destroy Yours Whole Cyber Space
If You Want Some Then Come And Get Some…

List of hacked website:


Most of the hacked websites belong to small and local businesses, such as banks, chemical factories, TV channels, online gaming and automotive industry etc.

Until now thousands of American based websites are either hacked or taken down by the hackers of Islamic world against the anti-Islamic movie.

The list of attacked websites goes unlimited but few of the noteworthy websites includes the official website of US Department of Agriculture, official website of French based Charlie Hebdo MagazineBank of America and New York Exchange, the website of Brownsburg Schools and last but not the least, 104 Websites were hacked by Rude Thunder couple of days ago.


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