Mullvad VPN Introduces Mullvad Leta: A Privacy-Focused Search Engine

The Mullvad Leta search engine is accessible exclusively to users with a paid Mullvad VPN account.
Mullvad VPN Introduces Mullvad Leta: A Privacy-Focused Search Engine

Mullvad the company behind Mullvad VPN has unveiled Leta, a privacy-focused search engine designed to complement their renowned VPN services. Leta is accessible exclusively to users with a paid Mullvad VPN account and offers a range of features aimed at improving user privacy.

By default, the recently launched Mullvad Browser comes equipped with the DuckDuckGo search engine; however, users can now enjoy an alternative option with Mullvad Leta. To access Leta, users can set it as their default search engine within the Mullvad Browser or directly visit

Operating as a proxy, Mullvad Leta utilizes the Google Search API to cache search results. This caching system enables the sharing of cached results among all users, thereby reducing costs and enhancing privacy. Importantly, Leta is a user-supported service and does not rely on advertising or the sale of user data.

To simplify usage, Mullvad offers a browser extension that eliminates the need for repeated logins. Once users set their account number in the browser settings, they can seamlessly access Mullvad Leta. Search results are cached for a period of 30 days to protect against correlation attacks and manage costs effectively, ensuring a degree of privacy, albeit with slightly delayed results.

According to the company’s blog post published on June 20th, 2023, each Mullvad account allows users to perform up to 100 direct searches per day, alongside unlimited access to cached searches. Additional searches beyond the daily limit will prompt Mullvad Leta to execute a Google query on behalf of the user, sharing only the search term while safeguarding the rest of their data.

One notable advantage of Mullvad Leta is the absence of third-party tracking links in search results, providing users with a clean and private browsing experience. This eliminates the common intrusive tracking mechanisms found on other search engines and reinforces the commitment to user privacy.

Mullvad VPN is known for protecting its customers’ privacy. For instance, on April 18th, 2023, Mullvad VPN’s Gothenburg office was raided by Swedish police with a search warrant to confiscate computers containing the personal data of VPN service clients.

However, Mullvad employees informed the police that they do not store any data of their customers, and confiscating computers would be considered a violation of Swedish law. The police were left with no option but to leave the premises without any confiscated devices or user data.


With the introduction of Mullvad Leta, Mullvad continues to prioritize online privacy by offering a privacy-focused search engine. The integration of Leta with its renowned VPN services empowers users to enhance their online security and take control of their digital footprint.

By combining Mullvad’s expertise in VPN technology with a privacy-centric search engine, users can enjoy an elevated level of privacy and security during their online activities.

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